Base jump

No Limit

video production, story, camera & edit: Danny 'No Limit' written & performed by Nails On A Neckwww.nailsonaneck.deannotation: None of the athletes in this video got seriously harmed. The paraglider in the very end luckily survived the accident with minor health consequences (one broken shoulder, both fibulae broken, 2 cerebral thrombosis). Only 11 weeks after this accident he made his first paragliding flight again.

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Show Bouill'en Roller Skate Festival Official Aftermovie

Voici le film officiel du Show Bouill’en Roller Skate Festival 2015 ! Un concentré des moments intenses d’un magnifique week end de compétition roller et skate en France (Normandie – La Bouille 76). De superbes paysages normands vus du ciel, des rencontres, des rires, de la vitesse, du fun tout simplement! Cette édition 2015 (08/09/10 mai), organisé par l'USF Longskate (alias RidersEnBray), en collaboration avec plusieurs clubs FFRS, la Ligue Haute-Normandie de Roller Sports et la mairie de La Bouille, était un véritable festival roller/skate regroupant : ***Championnat de France de Descente 2015 (longskate, streetluge, buttboard) ***Etape de Coupe du Monde de Roller Descente IIDA ***multiples animations/démonstrations (roller hockey, roller course, roller artistique, roller randonnée...). Film réalisé par l'agence de production Highline Films Site internet : Un énorme merci à tous nos sponsors : TRUC DE FOU, RIVIERA, TRIPLE 8, BLACKKROSS, CULT, THE BIG DADDY, Club LRBX, DTC, CONCRETEWAVE, FULKIT, SECTOR NINE et UCAR agences Rouen/Sotteville. - This is the official film of Show Bouill’en Roller Skate Festival 2015 !! A bunch of intense moments from a great rollerblade and skateboard racing weekend in France (Normandy - La Bouille 76), superb Norman landscapes seen from above, looks, laughers, slips, simply some fun ! This 2015 edition (May 08th/09 th/10 th), organized by the USF Longskate (aka RidersEnBray), together with several FFRS clubs (Haute-Normandie Roller Sports League and the town of La Bouille), was a real roller/skate festival gathering: *** France 2015 Downhill Championship (longskate, streetluge, buttboard) *** Roller World Cup Downhill IIDA leg *** Many activities / exhibitions (roller hockey, skating race, artistic roller skating, roller skating hiking ...). Film made by Highline Films agency Website : A huge thank you to all our sponsors: TRUC DE OUF, RIVIERA, TRIPLE 8, BLACKKROSS, CULT, THE BIG DADDY, LRBX Club, DTC, CONCRETEWAVE, FULKIT, SECTOR NINE and Rouen / Sotteville UCAR agencies. Résultats ***LONGSKATE*** Open 1- VANSTONE Chris (ENG) 2- MARKARIAN Yanis (FR) 3- KOLPATZIK Stefan (DE) CDF 2015 Homme 1- MARKARIAN Yanis (POLITIC Lyon) 2- BESSIERE Romain (ROLLING SK8) 3- MARTINEZ Jonathan (FRRR) CDF 2015 Junior 1- MARKARIAN Yanis (POLITIC Lyon) 2- ROSSI Matéo (RidersenBray) 3- TRAUET Ambroise (DDE69) ***STREETLUGE*** CDF 2015 Homme 1- KOEBERLE Jean-Marc (Alsace Downhill) 2- ESPAU Patrice (PLS) 3- SCHMITT Hélène (Euskal Downhill) CDF 2015 Femme 1- SCHMITT Hélène (Euskal Downhill) 2- ESPAU Stéphanie (PLS) 3- BERDON Frédérique (RidersenBray) CDF 2015 Junior 1- BRAUD Tanguy (Peyragudes Downhill) 2- PASTORE Loreline (Alsace Downhill) 3- ***BUTTBOARD*** CDF 2015 Open 1- BLONDEAU Pascal (RidersenBray) 2- HOUCHARD Guillaume (Alsace Downhill) 3- KOEBERLE Jean-Marc (Alsace Downhill) CDF 2015 Femme 1- SCHMITT Hélène (Euskal Downhill) 2- BERDON Frédérique (RidersenBray) 3- PASTORE Loreline (Alsace Downhill) ***ROLLER*** CDF 2015 Homme 1- Karim Mallis (Lyon Roller) 2- Etienne Herreros (Lyon Roller) 3- Victor Veduta (Paris) CDF 2015 Femme 1- Emilie Boutillot 2- 3- ***ROLLER IIDA*** Roller IIDA Time Trial Men podium 1- Angelo Vecchi (IT) 2- Etienne Herreros (FR) 3- Christian Montavon (CH) Roller IIDA Time Trial Women podium 1- Annalenna Rettenberger (DE) 2- Emilie Boutillot (FR) 3- Martina Pacciolla (IT) Roller IIDA Inline Cross Men podium 1- Karim Mallis (FR) 2- Christian Montavon (CH) 3- Etienne Herreros (FR) Roller IIDA Inline Cross Women podium 1- Emilie Boutillot (FR) 2- Annalenna Rettenberger (DE) 3- Martina Pacciolla (IT)

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Rollerman vs Longboard - Speed Games

Rollerman Jean Yves Blondeau and longboarder Nico Bonnefoy riding a steep mountain road in the French Alps camera, editing & production: Danny Strasser Riders: Jean Yves Blondeau (the Rollerman) Nico Bonnefoy (longboard) Music: Mindplug - New Spheres

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Rollerman - Tunnel Trooper

Watch Rollerman Jean Yves Blondeau shooting down iceless bobsled tracks all across Europe! Camera, editing & production: Danny Strasser Music by Bill Stankay

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1/ Rollerman Just a Dream – Danny STRASSER – Roller 2/ Kilian Martin: Searching Sirocco – Brett NOVAK – Skate 3/ World First Scooter 1080 Frontflip - Nitro Circus – Scooter 4/ True Wind  Max Matissek windsurfing under the streets of Vienna 4K – Max Matissek – Windsurf 5/ Skiing and football  what could possibly go wrong? – Ski 6/ Matt Meola Home – Matt MEOLA – Surf 7/ Fest Series 2015 Cruzfest highlight - The Fest Series - MTB and Motocross 8/ Défi Wind Gruissan 2015 1200 windsurfers  50 knots of wind  Marathons races – Le Défi Wind – Windsurf 9/ Alexis Ignace BMX rider – Fabien TETU – BMX 10/ Vert au top – Lionel SARRAN – Skate 

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Rollerman - Just a Dream

Jean Yves Blondeau is searching for a nice road to ride his Rollerman suit... just a dream?

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