GoPro: Jeb Corliss Flies Through Tianmen Cave

Shot 100% on the HD HERO2® camera from Take a look behind the scenes as Jeb Corliss fufills his quest to make history. The first person to fly through Heaven's Gate in Tianmen Mountain, China. Special Thanks: Pan Pacific Entertainment World Wingsuit League Music Insightful "Ghostly Chatter" Lorn "Diamond" Extreme Music "Sleeping Phoenix" and "Groovy Boggie"

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Flying wing-suits on the barn line in 4K

Jhonathan Florez filming me flying the Barn Line in Switzerland a few years back smile emoticon I really do love training at this location and will be back again this year to practice for the Great Wall stunt in September @GoPro #gopro @pelicanproducts @muzikofficial

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Would you do a hand stand on the edge of a 3,000ft cliff?

Chris "Douggs" McDougall took this footage of me doing a hand stand 3 and a half reverse from a 3,000 ft cliff in Kjerag Norway in 2004!

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Jeb Corliss " Grinding The Crack"

Multiple camera angle flying the crack. He already know the exit was horrible but the flight made up for it :)  

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Jeb Corliss and Luigi Cani - Balls Pyramid

Jeb Corliss and Luigi Cani made this project and they started putting everything together to go there and fly wing-suits next to this amazing and beautiful location. It may be the single most beautiful place they have ever been. It really did feel like an alien landscape from another planet.

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Jeb Corliss Base Jumping waterfall accident

The first real hit in base jumping in South Africa at 364ft high.

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