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Curiosity about new forms of movement, new experiences. Hunger for independence, for self-determination. The feeling of freedom. Isn’t that exactly what drives us forward? The feeling – wakeboarding, as a commitment that outlasts any moment. A trend that is unstoppable. I am the fresh wind that breathes new life into the sport. I represent better access and greater location independence. I am your wakeboard cable park. We are Sesitec." sesitec.com

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Throughout the whole 2016 season we accompanied the System 2.0 HD across various events and types of use. Besides showcasing the System 2.0 HD in the line of duty our goal was to feature the whole team as it's essentialy influencing the sport into the right direction.

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welcome to the team Dylan Miller

Dylan Miller is a man of many talents, a great person and a rider we all look up to. We're stoked he is officially joining team Sesitec.

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