Mack Dawg Productions has been producing videos for the past ten years. From the early skate films Sick Boys and Hokus Pokus, to snowboarding classics such as "The Hard, The Hungry, and the Homeless", Stomping Grounds, and last year's release Simple Pleasures. Mack Dawg Productions has always brought you the best in freestyle to your TV."Decade" celebrates our ten year anniversary in classic MDP style. Before blasting into the orogression of the 1998 season, this film brings you through a brief history of our past 13 releases. Decade is a great mix of huge jumps, crazy jibs, and unususal terrain. Decade is a powerful video that will leave you begging for more. Again rated S for SSSiiiiiiiiicCkkkkkkkk!!!!!Decade celebrates our ten year anniversary in classic MDP style. Before blasting into the progression of the 1998 season, this film brings you through a brief history of our past 13 releases. Decade is a great mix of huge jumps, crazy jobs, and unusual terrain. Decade is a powerful video that will leave you begging for more.Starring Snowboarders: Bjorn Leines, Blaise Rosenthal, Bobby Meeks, Brian Thien, Chad Otterstrom, Chris Dufficy, Daniel Franck, Dave Downing, Devun Walsh, J.F. Pelchat, J.P. Walker, Jaime MacLeod, Jamie Lynn, Jason Borgstede, Jason Brown, Jeremy Jones, Jim Rippey, Joey McGuire, Joni Malmi, Josh Dirksen, Michi Albin, Mikey LeBlanc, Peter Line, Sebu Kuhlberg, Terje Haakonsen, Wille Yli-Luoma

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Top 10 Extreme Sports | BEST OF THE WEEK | 2017 n°10 - Riders Match

1/ Taking road cycling to new heights? | Szymon Godziek flips over Tour de Pologne Bouncy House Tube Battle! NIGEL SYLVESTER | GO - DUBAI Longboarding at 85 km/h? | Red Bull No Paws Down 2017 The Insane BMX High Air Event At Vans BMX Pro Cup 2017 HAZMANIA Rogue Elements - Official Trailer What I think I do - Maureen Castelle Barracuda Tour 2017 by Beneteau Hall Of Meat: Hakeem Ducksworth action sport videos now on ‪ ‬!Subscribe to Riders Match ! YouTube : : ‪‬Twitter : ‪!/ridersmatch‬Google + : ‪

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Rogue Elements - Official Trailer

Since the dawn of time, everything that has lived and breathed on this planet has been subject to the whims of Mother Nature. The nature of an adventurer is inherently rogue; typically wild in character, subject to the fancy of their imagination. We are unequivocally drawn to nature’s rawest fury and deepest mysteries. These are the irreverent souls who pursue the edge.In the winter of 2017, the magnitude of winter's force was on full display. Telephone poll-snapping storms pounded the Wyoming landscape. Regions to the west, recently left arid and forgotten, were gifted with unprecedented accumulation. Blizzards in Europe buried towns in an instant before disappearing just as fast, leaving the lucky few who were there to wonder if it even happened. A Bolivian expedition found grace above 18,000 feet before the elements went rogue and the humans reluctantly heeded warnings from above.Join the TGR team as they embark on an adventure filled with fury and glory, and witness the unimaginable. Presented by REI.Music"Free Animal" by Foreign Airhttp://foreignair.netLink to more info on the film: to the TETON GRAVITY RESEARCH YouTube channel: on Facebook: on Instagram: on Twitter: the Store: site:

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SuperSnake: Teaser | Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew® has teamed up with Snow Park Technologies (SPT) and CA RampWorks to design and create SuperSnake, the ultimate snowboard and skateboard hybrid dream run on snow. The cutting-edge course took 14 days to create at Sierra-At-Tahoe in California and highlights professional Mountain Dew skateboarder Sean Malto and Olympic snowboarder and DEW rider Danny Davis alongside other notable action sports athletes including professional snowboarders Jeremy Jones and Scotty Lago, and Mountain Dew skate athletes Trevor Colden, Chris Colbourn, Jordan Maxham, Nick Tucker and Micky Papa, as they push the limits of what is possible on both a skateboard and a snowboard – simultaneously! This innovative new action sports edit will be televised nationally on Sunday, October 16, 2016 during ABC’s weekly ‘World of X Games’ series at 2pm ET / 1pm PT. Subscribe for more videos from MTN DEW: Connect with MTN DEW: Snapchat username: MountainDew

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2032 Teaser "In the future everyone will snowboard"

THIRTYTWO TO OPEN HQ TO ALL SNOWBOARDERS FOR 2032 WINTER KICK OFF  September 2, 2015 (Lake Forest, Calif.) – In the future, everyone will snowboard, and ThirtyTwo is inviting every snowboarder on the planet to the 2032 Winter Kick Off, featuring the world premiere of its first-ever team movie, “2032,” at its headquarters.  2032 Winter Kick Off Date: October 1, 2015 Address: 26921 Fuerte Drive Lake Forest, CA   Schedule:  • 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. – DJ Matty Mo starts playing music, a festival village with 25 of the best brands in snowboarding, food trucks and the beer garden open up • 8 p.m. – World Premiere of “2032” • 9 p.m. – Live show by The Faction  The ThirtyTwo team celebrated its 20-year milestone by traveling all over the world and filming everywhere from snowy urban spots to the backcountry. Featuring JP Walker, Jeremy Jones (Big Mtn), Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, Joe Sexton, Chris Bradshaw, Frank April, Dylan Thompson, Brandon Hobush, Spencer Schubert, Toni Kerkela, Benny Urban, Dylan Alito, Johnny O Connor, Jordan Small, Kas Lemmens, Dylan Gamache and friends.  “2032” Premiere World Tour Dates and Locations:  10/1 – ThirtyTwo HQ, Lake Forest, CA 10/2 – Location T.B.D., Salt Lake City, UT 10/3 – Satellite, Boulder, CO 10/3 – PITCREW, Frederick, MD 10/7 – Youth Shelter, St. Cloud, MN 10/8 – Whiteroom – Torquay, Australia  10/8 – Damage, Duluth, MN 10/9 – Location T.B.D., Melbourne – Australia  10/9 – Location T.B.D., Minneapolis, MN  10/10 – Zellers, Green Bay, WI 10/10 – Ski Barn, Paramus, NJ 10/10 – Location T.B.D., Sydney – Australia  10/12 – Les Moise, Milwaukee, WI 10/12 – Adrenalin Boardstore – Canberra, Australia  10/13 – Shred Shop, Chicago, IL 10/14 – People Skate & Snowboard/Boyne, Detroit, MI 10/15 – Grenoble Garden Festival – France 10/16 – Lantern Club – Beijing, China 10/16 – Evo, Seattle, WA 10/16 – Phatman, Buffalo, NY 10/17 – Stubai - Austria 10/17 – Always Board Shop, Pittsburgh, PA 10/18 – Location T.B.D., Portland, OR 10/19 – Location T.B.D., Innsbruck – Austria 10/21 – Location T.B.D., Munich - Germany 10/23 – Milo, Auburn, CA 10/23 – Location T.B.D., London – United Kingdom 10/24 – Recess Skate & Snow, Boone, NC 10/26 – Location T.B.D., Plymouth State, NH 10/27 – Theory, Holyoke, MA 10/28 – Civil, East Greenwich, RI 10/29 – The Ski Monster, Boston, MA 11/7 – Boreal Resort, CA 12/4 – Mountain Creek Resort, Vernon, NJ If it isn’t on Instagram it isn’t happening, right? Follow @ThirtyTwo and stay tuned to for more details on the “2032” premieres.   The “2032” movie will be sold at finer snowboard shops, iTunes and following the premiere. There will be a limited-edition book, DVD and Blue-Ray available for $40 and a standard DVD for $20. About ThirtyTwo: Established in 1995, ThirtyTwo was created by snowboarders for snowboarders.  Rider-owned and privately held since day one, ThirtyTwo has led the snowboard market with new and never before seen innovations in technology, performance, comfort and eco-friendly initiatives.  All ThirtyTwo products have been tested and approved by the best snowboarders in the world.  For additional information, visit  Media Contact: Ashton Maxfield 949.289.6493 or

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X GAMES REAL SNOW - Chris Grenier is the gold winner

Watch the full segment of the gold winner of the X GAMES real snow Chris Grenier.

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