Juvass 2017 - 99% shot on GoPro

Good times in Juvass at the first ever FP camp! Shot with: GoPro Karma GoPro Hero5 Black GoPro Hero5 Session And the last shot was filmed with RED Enjoy! :)

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GoPro: Jesper Tjäder's 9 Lines at 9 Royals

Follow Jesper Tjäder as he takes a creative approach to the 2017 Suzuki Nine Royals castle with nine incredible lines.

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Jesper Tjäder Stomps Winning Run at Red Bull Playstreets 2017

Swedish freestyle skier Jesper Tjäder took to the Playstreets course at Bad Gastien with his eyes set on the podium, and when it came time to drop in, the phenom stomped most all of his run with ease and style: a rightside double flatspin Japan grab followed by a frontside 450 on the Canon-Rail, then a switch 180 nosegrab, a leftside cork 360 mutegrab and a 450 gap on what’s known as ‘the mother-in-law-rail’. The judge's final decision was a nail-bitter, but Tjäder would score just ahead of Andri Ragettli in overall points to claim that first place spot. Sit back and relive the run that got him the win!

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50 Years of Style | Generations of Freeskiing

From hot-dogging and ski ballet to today’s slopestyle and urban tricks: with a lot of esprit and attention to detail, the 30-minute documentary “Generations of Freeskiing” revives the most iconic moments of freeskiing history. Skiers such as Jon Olsson, Henrik Windstedt, Nick Goepper, Jesper Tjäder, Bene Mayr, Lisa Zimmermann and Viktoria Rebensburg pay homage to the greatest eras of freeskiing, appreciating yesterday’s heroes who pushed the sports with their desire of freedom and thus took it to the next level again and again. With archive footage from the last nearly 50 years, the movie illuminates the most important stages that have shaped freesking as it is today – in original equipment and clothing, including tight overalls, bright neon jackets, and XXXL oversize shirts. DIRECTOR: Lukas Tielke, Peoplegrapher CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Mark Von Roy, The Distillery PRODUCER: Sebastian Huber, The Distillery CREATIVE PRODUCER: Mira Harnischmacher, Peoplegrapher CINEMATOGRAPHER: Lukas Tielke, Peoplegrapher Thomas Dunzendorfer, The Distillery Mark Von Roy, The Distillery EDIT: Lukas Tielke, Peoplegrapher VFX: Julian Peters, Loniacs TITLE DESIGN: Elias Freiberger SOUNDDESIGN: Moritz Staub DRONE:  Thomas Dunzendorfer, The Distillery Ferdinand Wold, Dji CREATIVE: Wolfgang Dittrich Matthias Dondorf Theodor Berr SPECIAL THANKS: Stubaier Gletscher ATHLETES: Bene Mayr Viktoria Rebensburg Lisa Zimmermann Mark Von Roy Igor Ishutko Henrik Windstedt Roy Kittler Kai Mahler Fabio Studer Nick Goepper Christof Schenk Dennis Ranalter Jesper Tjäder

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TOP 10 n°33 : Biggest paddle-in wave ever !

Here is the ranking of all the videos of the TOP n°33 : 1/ Jon ASPURU - Mark Healey // Puerto escondido 2015 2/ OWEN MILNE- Thug Lyfe with Tane Bowden 3/ Prime & Fire Selects - The 77 Year Old Kite Surfer 4/ DEVIN SUPERTRAMP -  World's Most Epic Natural Waterslide! In 4K! 5/ Original Skateboards - Keep Exploring with Aleix and the Vecter 37 6/ THE NORTH SHORE COLLECTIVE - Brad Domke and the rides of his life // XXL Ride of the Year Nominee 7/ MOTOSPORT - James Stewart - JS7th Wonder Of The World 8/ Jesper Tjäder - One Day in Laax 9- Horue movie - I believe I can Fly 2 (The best of hydrofoil compilation) 10/ RAPHAËL GILLES - Motorcycle Stunt Riding & Drifting Contest - SBI 2015 (Official Video)

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One Day in Laax - Jesper Tjäder

One day at the GoPro Athlete Camp in Laax! Thanks GoPro for the good times! Shot with GoPro Hero4 Black!

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How Many Flips ?

This new GoPro video from Bobby Brown and Jesper Tjäder will make your head spin. 

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SKI TANDEM BACKFLIP - Jesper Tjäder & Øystein Bråten

Jesper Tjäder and his friend Øystein Bråten land a perfect tandem backflip

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