CUBA LIBRE - Jesse La Flair Freeruns Cuba

A few months ago #TMPST decided they needed to throw down in a country that has gone uncaptured and unexplored by the professional #freerunning and #Parkour world. A place where culture would be the highlight & where an athlete could pull inspiration from its colorful daily norms and upbeat inhabitants. Jesse La Flair's adaptability, mix of movement and playful positive energy was the perfect match for the streets of #Havana, and we are stoked to show you #Cuba through his eyes. Directed by Victor "Showtime" Lopez Edited by Jesse LaFlairTempest Freerunning Socials Clothing and Shoes: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Jesse La Flair's Socials Website:\ YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Video Credits Edited by Jesse LaFlair Shot by Victor Lopez & George Shunia Music by Kikiriki "La Dama Blanche 2" Cuba Feat Flaco Nunez & Rachel

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XTreme Sports Trick Shots | TOP 5

Incredible trick shots ! I love the football one, the child is so scared !    --- XTreme Sports Trick Shots | TOP 5  Featuring : 5) Jesse La Flair : 4) Tempest Freerunning : 3) Danny Bulmer : 2) Matthias Dandois : 1) Tate Roskelly x The Come Up : XTreme Video, Home of extreme creators since 1994! Subscribe for more action & new videos here ► Check our Website ►  Like us on Facebook ►

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Temple Run - Tempest Freerunning

Team Tempest headed out to the mayan ruins in Belize for some temple action. Belize the hype! Directed by:  Victor Lopez Edit, Sound and Color by:  George Shunia Cinematography by: Victor Lopez George Shunia Chad Bonanno Athletes in Order of appearance: Cory Demeyers Gabriel Nunez Mich Todorovic Luci Romberg To check out the full team roster and get your hands on the TMPST Apparel these athletes are rocking, head over to: Music by: Dread Pitt Song: Safari

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