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Summer Surf Session - Joan Duru & Maud Le Car

French pro surfers Joan Duru and Maud Le Car recently found a gap in their busy competition schedules to sneak in a session at the new Wavegarden Cove. Duru, who recently proved his ability as a powerhouse surfer in Fiji and South Africa, ripped into the Cove’s wide variety of waves and Le Car was equally impressive with her fluid rail-to-rail style.

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Vans Surf Team edit: Joan DURU

Earlier this year, Joan Duru headed East, leaving behind the cold waters of his native France in search of warm waves and relaxation.Along with fellow Vans rider Maud Le Car, the pair travelled to Bali to let loose on some of the islands infamous breaks, enjoy the warm waters, chilled Bintangs and sample the Balinese cuisine.In this exclusive short, watch as Joan unleashes his bag of tricks on wave after wave in an action packed edit, set to an epic soundtrack.Whilst Joan failed to score the island at its best, this Indonesian adventure provided the perfect hiatus before the start of the new season on the World Qualifying Series.

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Volcom | Joan Duru | Strange Brains

It's not a competition of who's on the weirdest mission. It's just a celebration of your mental calibration. Wavelengths flutter like a bird that's stuck in butter. Feeling gray matter with a stack of cruddy clutter.Strange Brainsfrom the strange brain of: Joan Duruedit: crapsproducers: matt shuster, guillaume dartenuccapturers: craps-Music-Song: InstiableArtist: Valient ThorrAlbum: Our Own MastersiTunes: song creators/performers: ozzie wright, mike ahostrange brains graphics: ozzie wright, mike ahoveeco productions 2013For more Strange Brains webisodes, click

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Fernando de Noronha

The boys enjoyed a great week in Brazil - scoring super fun beach breaks complemented by Joan getting a quarter finals result.Thanks to our friend "Craps" for coming along to film.Song - Boa Sorte by Vanessa da Mata & Ben Harper

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Joan Duru- Best of 2011

Joan's best footage from 2011 compiled into one clipShot on location in- France & AmericaSong- Future Humans by Valient ThorrShot and edited by Jimmy GrahamAdditional Footage courtesy of Vincent Kardasik

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One Session at Home

One Session at a pumping French Beach break.Featuring Marc Lacomare & Joan Duru.http://www.french-connexion.tvMusic- In the wind by Justin Kleiner

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Perfection à la Gravière, lundi 12 décembre 2016

Joan Duru, Marc Lacomare, Ramzi Boukhiam, Justin Bécret & Co lors d'un des plus beaux jours de l'année à la Gravière, Landes.Vidéo : Chokolatine Prod pour Surf Session

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