NEW BMX VIDEOS EVERYDAY AT NOON (or before). SUBSCRIBE! And go to everyday for the latest in BMX... ---------- Name: Johnny "Ice" Atencio                                                                           Age: 18                                                                                                               Location: Huntington Beach, CA                                                                     Sponsors: The Shadow Conspiracy, Subrosa Brand, Vans Johnny Atencio hails from Albuquerque , New Mexico but made the trek out to Southern California last year and immeiteaely started making noise. Johnny's got all the tech moves, but what sets him apart is his fearless eye and sheer determination to step up to the big-big setups... Case in point, the ender of this video. Johnny had ridden the Chase Hawk Born and Raised AM Jam all day in the blistering heat, and I'm talking brutal heat, so much so that Johnny's forearm cramped up on the way to the spot. Johnny couldn't be fazed though... a few bottles of water and a number of forearm stretches later, Johnny was good to go. After taking a serious digger to the chin i had my doubts, but the Ice Man marched right back up that set to lay claim to his hammer... DETERMINATION.

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This was without a doubt the most intense AM contest to go down so far this year, and maybe even the most intense of last year too!! CA has some talented AM's and they all took to the Lake County Skatepark in San Diego to battle it out for a chance to a win an all-expenses-paid trip to Austin, TX for the next round of the "Born and Raised" jams. Tons of raw talent from the likes of Johnny Atencio, Ryder Poye, Jarren Barboza, Kole Voelker, Dylan Stark, Michael Harkous, Josh Clemens, Adam Acardi, and many many more.In the end it was Kole Voelker (son of the legendary Dave Voelker) who took home first place and the free trip to Austin, TX.. Congrats dude!

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Well, If I have to think back to my first interaction with young Johnny Atencio, I'd have to say he was some what of a "Shoo fly, don't bother me" type of kid! But the difference between human beings and your average house fly is the fact that Johnny's life expectancy is much greater than that of a winged nuisance... So through his genuine little kid ways of becoming more confident with his riding, he also in turn, grew into a much older, much more mature personality which soon enough couldn't be denied by myself, his fellow bike riders and eventually the eyes of the Shadow and Subrosa family! In just 8 months or so Johnny has managed to put together this amazing video between his high school schedule and his first job, all filmed in his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico with the exception of a short trip to Denver, this video is sure not to disappoint! The best part about this kid is at the young age of 16 he has his sights set at a high level of progression and more than anything else, he's planning on enjoying every moment.

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