Le zapping surf de la semaine #5

Freesurf estival en France, Fanning versus chien énervé, hommage à Andy Irons, Kauli Vaast sur le toit de l'Europe etc.

2:33 8 602


4 Days in Canaria with Jorgann Couzinet

After a final finish in Israël , and before is back to back quarter finals in newcastle & manly (WQS6000) Jorgann moved to canary islands for a couple of days to enjoy a beautiful swell with his fiancee. Filmed by Julie Sicuteri (his fiancee) Edited by Jorgann Couzinet, Tristan Guilbaud

3:15 7 7,482


Poule Partie

Fun little surf in the amazing crystal clear waters of Boomerang Beach // Australia between two contests with the frenchies Tristan Guilbaud, Dimitri Ouvre, Jorgan Couzinet & Paul-César Distinguin.

1:27 2 3,310


Jorgann Couzinet

Short clip with Jorgann Couzinet in Landes. Rider : Jorgann Couzinet Film Maker : Greg Menager Images : Greg Menager & Gwengwen Music : Proleter / Muhammed Ali

2:00 96 1,590


Surf with Jorgann Couzinet - La réunion

New quiver and new video for Jorgann Couzinet. Shot at La Reunion by Ricardo Junji and Mathieu Gourgues.

4:24 2 3,151