Julien LANGE

Tignes , FR



26 years old

1.8 m

"When I was 15, I used to play a lot of football. Even more than I skied. I dreamt of playing in a big club and making an amazing career. I trained a lot and after a while I joined a good team near my home town. In 2 years I had improved a lot, thanks to an awesome coach, and I got selected amongst the 20 best players of my region (Rhône-Alpes, France). This opportunity led me to a big tournament aiming to create the future young French team (under 18 years old). I didn't play good enough to be selected but 2 big French clubs (Lyon & Marseille) offered me the possibility to join their club. I really had to make up my mind before joining one of them because I was good at skiing aswell."

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