MATTAshapes 2825MT with Justin Becret

2825 MT IT´S GOOD TO MIX THINGS UP It’s 2017 and it’s good to mix things up. Combine the right ingredients and you get a winner of a surfboard. We slow juiced the 2825 outline and added the rocker of the MTM. So we have the 2825 – maintaining that smooth, wide outline and now also featuring a high performance rocker to comply with more serious waves and turns on a dime in steep pockets. Wider, fuller outline High performance rocker Single to double concave Tri/Quad fin option Wide squash

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MATTAshapes TTT with Justin Becret and Sam Piter

THE TUESDAY TO TUESDAY BOARD It´s a new curve, it´s a new board that all our team riders are extremely excited about. Flat rocker on the front foot for when the wave has no power, or when you have to fly over those flat sections.. and then when the waves starts shaping up or you fall in a proper section the board will seamlessly transition into the back curve which will accelerate and give the freedom to put the board anywhere you want it to go. A solid kick tail gives all the freedom you need. A unique combination of rocker for high performance surfing in all conditions. Standard outline High performance rocker Single to double concave Tri fin Squash tail

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GoldenHours for Justin Becret at La Gravière

Justin is making his way at La Gravière.

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Cheezy Duck a passé pas mal de temps dans l'eau du côté de Hossegor/Capbreton l'an passé. Voici un premier aperçu de l'année 2015 (de Janvier jusqu'au ProFrance) ... la seconde partie suivra très prochainement ... Images : CheezyDuck Chokolatine Prod insta & FB : @chokolatineprod son : Jacques Brel (la valse à mille temps)

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Volcom Surf: Hossegor Summer Rumble

The Euro Volcom House is probably the best spot where to stay in Hossegor when you are a surfer!! Located in front of one of the best surf bank in France, you just have to cross the road, climb the dune and jump in the water! Kids from the Volcom team are the lucky ones who can enjoy the House with the only obligation to surf and have fun! William Aliotti, the Caribbean surfer but almost permanent resident at the House, Leon Glatzer, the German kid from Costa Rica, Charly Quivront from France and the local from Justin Becret show impressive surfing skills under the eye of Andrew Christie. We can’t wait next summer!!! Filmed and Edited by Andrew Christie - Music - Song: Hossegor Uber Alles Artist: Doom! Doom! Tortuga Release: We Spit In Your Cocktail

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