Move of the Day - One handed Back Loop - Justyna Sniady

Simmer Style Team rider Justyna Sniady is one of the few Women in the world to Land consistent Back Loops... and now she is stepping it up with this a one handed back loop... Planing!! you can tell, she is pretty excited about it! haha... can she start to land these consistently?

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The Movie - Windsurf Australia

Follow a group of windsurfers as they travel around Western Australia looking for the best wind and waves at all the best locations during the summer of 2012/2013, featuring Peter Volwater, Ben Proffitt, Justyna Sniady, Laure Treboux, Chris Lockwood, Ben Newson, Al McCleod and more. Filmed from September 2012 to March 2013, this film is what a typical Australian summer is like.  

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