Moments - Free Quiksilver Surf Movie!

Moments is the 2011 Quiksilver Surf Team Movie starring Dane Reynolds, Craig Anderson, Jeremy Flores, Clay Marzo and Kelly Slater and featuring Mark Healey, Mikey Wright, Reef McIntosh, Ry Craike, Fred Patacchia, Dede Suryana, Leonardo Fioravanti, Jack Robinson, Kanoa Igarashi, Miky Picon, Aritz Aranburu, Matt Banting, Alain Riou. More at

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Slow down, Speed up: J-Bay warm ups

Slow down. Speed up. Do a carve, find a tube. Jeffreys Bay is one of the world’s most complex and beautiful waves. Here, Jeremy Flores, Leonardo Fioravanti, Wiggolly Dantas, Kanoa Igarashi, Connor O’Leary and Ezekiel Zau dig in while warming up for the 2017 J-Bay Open.

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Kanoa Igarashi and Leo Fioravanti - The Young Professionals - Chapter 1

You’ve seen a grom edit before. It’s a simple concept – get some footage of ‘em surfing and splice it in with clichéd clips of the kid eating ice cream and pantsing his friends. It’s a formula as old as time, but it isn’t what you’ll find here. In the first episode of The Young Professionals, we look at Leonardo Fioravantiand Kanoa Igarashi in a new light. As a matter of fact, we look at them as just that – young professionals. These kids are the future of surfing. Might as well get to know who they are, and not in a pretentious sort of way. So meet Kanoa and Leo. We have a feeling you’ll be getting along just fine.

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Kanoa Igarashi: Here and There

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Radical Times in Hawaii

Hawaii. It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s reputation may be even bigger and bolder than itself. But all that aside, the enchanted island is diverse. From Muay Thai to Mai Tais, Waimea to Waikiki, Pipeline walls to highline stalls…there is something to suit everyone.  This year, our team attacked every angle. They stayed out late at night and paddled out before the sun. They did turns, punted airs and got barrelled. They rode everything from ten-foot slabs of concrete to twenty-foot slabs of unpredictable water. It was a bonafide Radical Time. So for your enjoyment, we thought we would combine these few weeks of bliss into an edit. Dig in, then start planning a Radical Time of your own to Hawaii — you really do owe it to yourself.

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Kelly Slater Wave Pool Opens!

Epic Surf News 2016 - Kelly Slater Wave Pool Opens Kelly Slater provides a demonstration for the Professional surfers. So it is technically open to more than just Kelly. Hello and Thank you for joining Pro Surf Blog for this unique Epic Surf News Update. On December 18th, 2015 Kelly Slater published one of the most historic videos of his barreling wave pool. Now in May (May the 4th be with you) Kelly unleashed another series of videos. This time he has Carissa Moore, Kanao Igarashi, Nat Young, and Wingnut surfing in his wavepool! Watch Carissa Moore shrelp, Kanoa Igarashi do a floater-to-barrel maneuver, Nat Young get the longest barrel of his life, and Wingnut as the 1st longboarder to ride in this wave pool. This wave pool has everyone salivating. The Kelly Slater wave pool looks to be the best invention in surfing history. We will see. Hey Kelly, how bout a media trial day? Oh man that would be the shit! Watch Professional Surfers in Kelly’s Wave Pool! Carissa Moore Wave Pool Kanoa Igarashi Wave Pool Nat Young Wave Pool Wingnut Wave Pool Thanks for watching our May 2016 Surf News edition. Hope you have an Epic 2016. Music by: Silent Partner Song Title:Come On In (Remixed by Phil D.) Originally Recorded by Kelly Slater Wave Company Edited by Philip Dominguez Hosted by Philip Dominguez Produced by Trade Federation, Inc copyright all rights reserved 2015 Subscribe and stay up to date! Sources:

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Radical Times in Western Australia

Western Australia. It’s red, it’s dusty and its raw. It’s the kind of place you can’t predict what will happen around the next dusty corner. Cue Radical Times in WA, the Unpredictable Edition. Taj Burrow retired. Matt Banting snapped his entire quiver. Mikey Wright went home on crutches (ok. With Mikey boosting the way he does, this one was kinda just a matter of time). Leo Fioravanti slayed World Champions on his way to the Quarter Finals of the Margies Pro. Sebastian Zietz surfed his way into world number 2. And Kanoa Igarashi, Jeremy Flores and Wiggolly Dantas got chatted up by a big ol’ shark out Margaret River’s Mainbreak. Radical Times…you be the judge. Starring - Mikey Wright | Matt Banting | Wiggolly Dantas | Leo Fioravanti | Kanoa Igarashi | Kael Walsh | John Mel Footage: Jimmy Graham | Wade Carroll Edit: Wade Carroll Music: Artist - Chesta Hedron / Nowave Studio Production | Song - Silver Pharaoh

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Our lifestyle is about finding positives, getting stoked, keeping the high. There’s an infectious youthful attitude That draws us to the ocean and Makes us surf down mountains. It’s a spirit and approach to life That is always fun first.

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