Although Karina Nowlan was born and raised in Australia, she has spent recent years touring around the world, exploring and training with the world's best. Her smooth relaxed style on the water matches her easy going personality off the water. Nowlan's unique chilled style has proven successful as she has quickly become one of the top skiers in the world herself. Now traveling between Vancouver, Canada and Orlando, Florida, Karina remains on skis throughout the year (be it on snow or water).

Career Highlights: World Record Holder - Women's Slalom 2010, Australian Record Holder - Women's Slalom, Pro Tour Champion - 2008 and 2009

Titles: 2011 US Masters, 2010 Global Invitational, 2009 Pro Tour, 2009 US Masters, 2008 Pro Tour, 2008 Diablo Shores Pro-Am Champion, 2008 French Malibu Open, 2007 Critchton Pro-Am, 2006 Asian Australian Championships

Silver Medals: 2011 Diablo Shores Pro Am, 2010 Moomba Masters, 2009 Moomba Masters, Alizee Cup, 2008 Record Roundup, 2004 World Junior Championships

Bronze Medals: 2011 Diablo Shores Pro Am, 2011 Malibu Open, 2010 Diablo Shores Pro Am, 2009 World Championships, 2008 Dubna World Cup, 2008 H2Osmosis Pro Swerve, 2007 World U21 Championships, 2007 World Championships, 2007 World U21 Championships, 2007 World Championships

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