NOCTA Project #1

First episode of a series of night explorations with Bruno Compagnet & Layla Kerley.A creative and technical challenge produced by YUCCA Films.The first episode takes place in Chamonix, on the european most famous line, the Vallée Blanche.Shot in 3 hours, at 3000 m high, by -20°C. 

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Nike SB | Best of 2017

The best from Nike Skateboarding in 2017.0:03 - "One For All" ft. Luan Oliveira3:37 - "Loud Pack" ft. Grant Taylor, Ishod Wair and Cory Kennedy9:55 - "Elite Squad" ft. Sean Malto12:55 - "Elite Squad" ft. Oskar Rozenberg17:21 - "Elite Squad" ft. Kevin Terpening19:30 - "Elite Squad" ft. Cyrus Bennett23:03 - "Camp Pain" ft. Ishod Wair, Grant Taylor, Eric Koston, Vincent Touzery, Cory Kennedy and Kevin Terpening26:19 - "Levels" ft. Shane O'Neill 

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Un clignement d’œil, une corde, un trick, une boite... Quand on ride il n'y a pas de retour en arrière possible.Alors que dans le montage vidéo la timeline est l'endroit ou l'on s'exprime. Là ou on peu étirer, raccourcir, couper, changer d'angle... Alors pourquoi s'en priver ?Merci à Wakelagoona pour l’accueilLiquid forceronixHyperlyteRiders :Hugot CharbitNans PetetinMaxime RouxLouis MistaudyPierre FloucatBertrand OustrièreSamuel BessonBenjamin Bidois (malheureusement blessé)Bobby CarneTheva Daran 

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Alex Emig 2017

Alex started the year working on this edit. Stacking clips all over the chicagoland area. But due to some minor injuries, we had to put a pause on filming. And with winter stopping riding outdoors, we decided to use what he got.Filmed by John G, Alex Duleba, Ethan Grothe and Timmy Theus. Edited by John G Captured with a vx2100 and vx2000 

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This time we are taking you to Busted Knuckle Off Road Park in Stevenson, Alabama for the Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing 2017 at RBD Championship. We have some crazy barbie jeep downhill racers that are ready to take their chances to win $600 in cash and prizes including cash from Southern Rock Bouncing BBQ and a $100 Gift Cert from Rugged Radios. I will be looking to regain my title with my trusty John Deere Gator. We have 10 competitors ready to rumble on this power wheels downhill course. Crashes can and will happen. After all the wrecks are what makes this form of racing so funny. So sit back and enjoy this compilation of racing. Lucky for me I escaped this race with no injuries.Official Busted Knuckle Merch - http://www.bustedknuckle.comBKF Facebook - & TWITTER - @the_BKFilms

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GoPro: Downhill Skateboarding with Sector 9

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INSIGHT – Trever Maur “The Section”

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Hall Of Meat: Hakeem Ducksworth

Hakeem catches an unpleasant surprise with this unwanted grind.Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:http://www.thrashermagazine.com

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