NYsea | New York Bender

NYSEA Presents | NY Bender What's a bender? A heavy string of nights and days that turn into a long run. A mix of good times, tired eyes, and sore bodies. A bender involves happy moments, sad moments, and angry moments but when its over you will have one hell of a time explaining everything down the road.  That is pretty much how it went down during the 3 week run of waves here in New York. The only thing that differs this bender from a more typical New York bender is that it was a healthy one. One that we would like to remember. So we did our best to round up a mix of clips and capture what we could so that all of us could remember. Please enjoy this collective.  Surfers: Leif Engstrom, TJ Gumiela, Balaram Stack, James Thoebald, Will Skudin, Dave Juan, Kealii Mamala, Blake Ferraro, Shane Murphy, Pete Egan and Jeff Anthony.  Cinematography by Mike Nelson, Thor Larson, Etan Blatt, John Manzoni, Thomas Brookins, Brian Adamkiewicz. Will Skudin and Leif Engstrom (GoPro POV) Time-lapse Photography / Additional Drone Footage by Rob Mcenaney  Motion Graphics by Frank Principe  Drone Operator - Jason Belsky / Film By Air Music Produced by Sergio Ramos Video Editing by Etan Blatt Produced by Will Skudin AN NYSEA COLLECTIVE

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Kealii Mamala at Nazaré - 2015 Billabong Ride of the Year Entry - XXL Big Wave Awards

Keali'l Mamala (Haleiwa, Hawaii, USA) speeds across a liquid mountain at Nazaré, Portugal on November 29, 2014. Video by Mikey Corker. An entry in the Billabong Ride of the Year category of the 2015 XXL Big Wave Awards. For more information see

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