A BMX bike becomes an unlikely paintbrush in this film by Director Greg Hackett. Paint capsules attached to the wheels of a BMX bike feed paint onto a dark space while a rider turns and spins on top of it. The natural movement of the bike’s wheels emphasis the beautiful patterns that the rider creates. With Action Cams by Sony attached to every imaginable angle, we find ourselves watching an extreme-sports video that results in a work of art. How this was made: Action Cams were mounted to three parts of the BMX: the handle bars, the rear stays and a specially designed rig that hangs one meter out from the rear stunt peg. The rear stunt peg camera provides a unique perspective as paint is distributed out of the bike’s canisters. Hackett also worked closely with Director of Photography Duncan Telford to create a meter long arm for the camera to point down towards pattern being created on the ground. CREDITS DIRECTOR: Greg Hackett LINE PRODUCER: Rupert Savage, Steven Richardson DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Duncan Telford PRODUCTION DESIGNER: Charlotte Norman EDITOR: Matt Felstead CAMERA USED: FDR-X1000VR CAMERA FEATURES: Full HD: 120p/100Mbps 60p/100Mbps Advanced SteadyShot for image stabilization 170° Ultra-wide angle (when SteadyShot is turned off) Tough and splash proof outer body ZEISS® lens for precision optics

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