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Sneak peek at Kai Lenny's foil segment from his feature surf film Paradigm Lost

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BEST OF THE WEEK n°16 - Riders Match

1- Surf - Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch Test Event - Magical Day Highlights​2- Skate - Skate got real at Vans Park Series World Championships in Shanghai​3- Snow - The First Trip of the Season with Victor De Le Rue | Arcadia Wake - Wakeboarding @EXO38 Tencin MTB Riding down the Mont Blanc | Kilian Bron Wakesurf - Flying Boat Surfing Ski - SPY Squad Skis Mt Bachelor – See Happy Skydive - Skydiving naked! Big jump - Biggest Rope Swing Ever into Water Skate - Giovanni « gingerzilian » Vianna

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Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch Test Event - Magical Day Highlights

One Small Step for Surfers...One Giant Leap for Surfing. Tuesday's first test event at the Surf Ranch in Lemoore, California, proved to be a milestone in the evolution of pro surfing with Gabriel Medina and Carissa Moore taking top honors. Surfing is now ready for the next step, and the ability to dial up perfection anywhere at anytime changes the game even more. Subscribe to the WSL for more action: Watch all the latest surfing action of the world's best surfers in the world's best waves. Heats on demand, event highlights and exclusive interviews, right here on the WSL's Youtube channel. For More Visit: Like the WSL on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Google+: Follow our Tumblr:

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Top 10 Extreme Sports | BEST OF THE WEEK | 2017 n°14 - Riders Match

1/ SKI - Riding Zone > 2/ SURF, SUP, KITE, WINDSURF - Red Bull > 3/ WAKEBOARD - X Games > 4/ SKATE - ThrasherMagazine > 5/ MTB - Elias Schwärzler > 6/ PARAGLIDING - Laurent Roudneff > 7/ FOIL SURFING - Horue Movie > 8/ BMX - Monster Energy > 9/ SNOWBOARD - TransWorld SNOWboarding Magazine > 10/ CLIMBING - Red Bull  

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Paradigm Lost - A Surf Film by Kai Lenny | Official 4K Trailer

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Top 10 Extreme Sports | BEST OF THE WEEK | 2017 n°13 - Riders Match

1 / WINDSURF – Quadem windsurfing & DEFI WIND in 4K ► CRAZY! par Horue Movie 2/ WAKEBOARD – Une session de wakeboard inédite sur la seine en plein coeur de Paris par Adrénaline by l’Equipe 3/ MTB – Nicholi Rogatkin goes full send with a 1440 at Red Bull District Ride 2017 par Red Bull 4/ WTF ! – TOY CAR vs MEGA RAMP! par Ryan Williams 5/ SURF – Meet Eli Hanneman, Maui’s Next Big Thing par World Surf League 6/ SKI – Tanner Hall “TRIUMPH” Teaser par ARMADA SKIS 7/ FMX – Tom Pages Finist’Air Show 2017 par The Rider Post 8/ SURF – Gerry Lopez Gets First Crack at Kelly Slater’s Left par World Surf League 9/ DANCE –  RAYMOND | FrontRow | Exhibition | World of Dance Bangkok 2017 | #WODBKK17 par World of Dance 10/ SKATEBOARD – Cyril Jackson Ride or Die – Shake Junt par RIDE Channel     

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Gerry Lopez Gets First Crack at Kelly Slater's Left

The 11x World Champ Kelly Slater knew exactly who he wanted to ride the first wave at his Surf Ranch 2.0.

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How to do a Carving 360 with Kelly Slater

Want to learn how to surf better? Learn from the world's best through Surfline's Pro Tips, a complete how-to series created to improve your surfing skills. In this episode, we go over carving 360's with Kelly Slater.Become a better surfer. Watch more episodes: to our channel:'s basically just doing a backside off the lip, going front side. I'm Kelly Slater and you're watching trick tips. Today we're going to talk about carving 360s. Well a carving 360 is just basically an extension of the bottom term. You're setting it up bottom turning hard and then you're carving your whole turn around as opposed to spinning the tail or sliding the fins out. The basic idea is to try to complete a total circle with, you know one carving turn. The best ones are when you really hit the top of the lip and then your fins and your tail all go up and explode out the back and release. Setting up for it, timing is obviously super important and you got to have the right section. The best conditions for it I would say best would be kind of wedgie section, you know for me its rights for goofy footer obviously it's left. So sections kind of bending back at you that have a lot of roundness to them and lot of curve to him and pretty steep and not super hollow. The important part of the turn is probably the first part at the end of that bottom turn to come off the bottom and you almost have to do a two stage bottom turn cause your shoulder rotation is really important. So you set up your speed and you gotta drive out way deep on the bottom of the wave and sort of check turn off the bottom, and then really set your shoulders as your coming Vertical up the to face. You gotta get your shoulder rotation far enough around so that your momentum is coming that way and your board can follow along the shoulder.You know the feeling is you're carving a 360. Normally be coming off the bottom and be setting up the lip to go smash it and at that point you gotta really redirect your speed and your body and momentum. Imagine going to hit the lip, but you get up there sooner than you normally would. Usually going to hit the lip you want to be real vertical and you got this thing going to slam so you want to be getting up there just half step ahead of where you would be to hit the lip.Ultimately the release ends up happening and you kind of want to be rotated but then wait kind of back into your fin on your toe side so when that releases, you know your front foot pops back underneath you. If you turn too soon when you're coming up the off the bottom, you can't get your shoulders around far enough you can't get that momentum enough so you really have to kind of a check bottom turn and then really lunge into it. Really set it up going up the face really trying to keep your body compressed and your always turning around, coiling and turning, releasing that power you build up in your body. This was trick tips carving 360’s. -Kelly Slater

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