Who did not dream of doing this in a mall | BEST OF THE WEEK n°23 - Riders Match

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Koa Smith - Naked in France

I mean we were all born naked... why is it so trippy to be nude? well this day I said fox it, took off my wetsuit and hit the cold waters of France. The most awkward part of this whole thing was when we arrived home to review the clips. There were 10 people, mates, and strangers, over my shoulder watching my prong in slow-mo. If you can get through that... Well, If you can get through that you can get through just about anything ha! ;)Song - Seabird by Alessi BrothersFilm by @parallelsea. 

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Bouncing, with Koa Smith

It was a gloomy morning in Los Angeles and in the midst of his hectic and admirable travel schedule Koa Smith was in town for a short stint. We scooped him early in the morning for a few mediocre surfs — as is the nature of the greater Los Angeles region — and cued into the finer details of his life. Koa’s a cat Stab digs.  read more at:

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GoPro : Koa Smith - Desert Point 06.18.15 - Surf

GoPro of the World Powered by Surfline entry on 06.18.15 in Desert Point. Filmed by Koa Smith. Entry #160 GoPro of the World powered by Surfline will be won by the person who captures the single best GoPro video clip between June 1st and October 31st, 2015 anywhere on Planet Earth. The judging panel will select each month's top clips and they will collectively be deemed the finalists for the grand prize - $20,000 to the GoPro user who captures the winning clip.

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GoPro: Surfing Spice Island "Thru My Eyes" - Koa and Alex Smith

Join brother Koa and Alex Smith on a two-month surf journey through nine magical islands of Indonesia. "Thru My Eyes" is about "following a calling into the unknown, to a place we thought only existed in our dreams." Follow their social media accounts: @koatree @alexsmith_ Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from Get stoked and subscribe: To license clips from this video go to  Music Tei Shi "Basically" For more from GoPro, follow us: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr: Pinterest:  Vine:

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GoPro: Koa Smith's 27 Second Skeleton Barrel - GoPro of the World August Winner

Koa Smith scores a 27 second tube ride at Skeleton Bay in Namibia and takes home $1000, a GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition, and a year subscription to Surfline. Shot 100% on the HERO3+® camera from Get stoked and subscribe: Music Diamond Bones "Muscle Memory" Inst. Link to buy:

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Namibia et ses meilleurs barrels

Des barrels légendaires à Namibia en compagnie de Alex Smith, Koa Smith, Koa Rothman, Benji Brand et Anthony Walsh. Des paysages filmés entièrement avec Go Pro.

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