The Craziest BMX Bowl Session Ever - On Deck At Five Dock

Raw footage from one of the craziest sessions I've ever witnessed. After one of the practice days at the Vans BMX Pro Cup in Sydney, a heavy crew met up at Five Dock skatepark and absolutely annihilated the bowl. I had to grab the camera for a bit and document it. I guess 10 ft. airs are normal now? Featuring Larry Edgar, Ryan Nyquist, Dylan Lewis, Kris Fox, Jason Watts, Cody Pollard, Chris James, and Corey Walsh.

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Best BMX Moments from New Zealand - Red Bull Tip to Tail - EP5

CLICK to watch episode 4: As Jaden Leeming, Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark, Kris Fox and Corey Bohan wrap up their final sessions, we take a look back at the best hits and misses from their BMX journey to New Zealand. From massive dirt kickers to perfect concrete transition, there was no shortage of banger moments to be had. So, sit back and get stoked on 95 seconds of pure BMX action from Red Bull Tip to Tail.

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