Lahsaan KOBZA


TCU BMX 06 - Subrosa Flat Rails At The Wedge

The other day at The Wedge Nate Richter caught a few members of the Subrosa team (Lahsaan Kobza and Jono Hopping) and a non Subrosa insurgent (Eric Bahlman) doing some experiments with the Subrosa Street Rail. If you'd like to conduct some similar experiments in the near future, visit your local Subrosa dealer or mail order. 

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Vans Rebeljam 2014

After months of preparation and a killer season of high tempo competition behind them, this weekend saw Vans unleash some of the world’s finest BMXers on London for the Vans Rebeljam. In its first visit to the UK’s capital, the event took over the York Hall Leisure Centre in East London – a venue with a long history of showdowns, as the site is perhaps best known as one of the nation’s most loved boxing arenas. Vans Rebeljam 2014 Winners: 1st Place // Alex Donnachie (UK) 2nd Place // Garrett Reynolds (USA) 3rd Place // Alex Kennedy (UK) Special Awards Creativity Award // Bruno Hoffman (DE) Style Award // Kevin Kalkoff (FR) Hardest Trick Award // Joris Coulomb (FR)

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BMX - Lahsaan Kobza & Tammy McCarley at The Playground

Lahsaan Kobza and Tammy McCarley have been spending quite a bit of time at their friend JR's backyard ramp setup because, let's be real... It's amazing. The two have been busy stacking clips for a while and we're stoked to premiere this new edit filled with some amazing riding along with a brand new song from Mouse Powell for you to hear! Check it!

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