Snowboarding needs people like him. | This is: Marcus Kleveland E2

In Episode 2 of This Is Marcus we lift the lid on what it takes to be a snowboarding innovator. We get a fascinating insight into how Kleveland sees snowboarding as a thing of infinite possibility, and the mindset it takes for realising our own potential. Learning every single trick in the book is one thing, but it's quite another to write the book.  A true snowboarding prodigy, Kleveland's incredible rise to stardom has been on the cards since his first mind-blowing edit dropped on Youtube back in 2007, and he's been dropping NBD’s ever since. He's the youngest rider to pull a Triple Cork (aged 13), the youngest rider to land a Quad Cork (aged 16) and the first to land one in a contest, too. 

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Harry Bink: World's First Rock Solid Frontflip

At the 2017 Nitro World Games, FMX phenom Harry Bink won the FMX Best Trick event with a World First that you have to see to believe. Only a couple riders have ever landed a rock solid backflip -- Harry being one of them. And to turn one of the rarest tricks in FMX into a frontflip combo? That's ... mind-blowing. 

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Youness Amrani's "Up Against the Wall" Part

Youness has a bag of tricks deeper than the Grand Canyon, but he also executes moves with speed and complete control. Here’s another killer part from one of our favorite dudes. 

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Spending the night at a closed amusement park w/ Jaakko Ojanen

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Snowboarding on New Zealand's Largest Glacier | Diaries Downunder Winter

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How to do a Cutback with Taylor Knox

Want to learn how to surf better? Learn from the world's best through Surfline's Pro Tips, a complete how-to series created to improve your surfing skills. In this episode, we go over cutbacks with Taylor Knox.Become a better surfer. Watch more episodes: to our channel: your’e watching Surfline Trick Tips with me, Taylor Knox, and we're going to talk about doing some cutbacks. Well basically there's two types of cutbacks, theirs a frontside one and a backside ones and within that there's about a hundred different varieties you could possibly do, but we're going to just talk about a couple today. First being the front side one and I think most people who surf, they can relate to that turn, most people can do it. I'm just gonna talk about how I approach it.When I go into a cutback I like to get a good, deep bottom turn and come off the bottom really heavy on the back foot and then as you're coming up the face you kind of shift your weight a little bit more equally to the front and turn your hips and arms to go with your body. I think it always helps to have your head follow your body as well. I do move my back foot a little bit sometimes going down the line and I’ll do a nice high line and I'll have my foot kind of up here and then, as I’m shifting down towards the bottom, I’ll move it back maybe one or two inches like right in between the fins is where I really like to have my foot. Then you can just really like to push into that and the board should want to skirt up the wave pretty quick. Then as you get to the crest of the wave, you're going to want to put your you're board right on the edge of it and that's where you’re going to get the most speed you're going to want to drive your board around like this. And you're gonna want to use that bottom curve of the wave want to get all the way to the bottom so it kind of wraps around in a perfect, nice circle.I think normally backside bottom turns are a little stronger and easier to kind of get low on. So when you go into backside you're actually low in the bottom turn and then you extend as you come up backside. You kind of guide your board up into the spot and then you can really push hard on your back foot but you're also extending your body a little bit more vertically and you your body is uncompressing, not decompressing. One really good tip that I learned watching videos of Tom Curren was he was always really centered over his board and he didn't let his limbs fly off to the back cause that always slows him down. He was always so centered and technically perfect, I mean it's unreal. When a guy does it right, its shocking how much force and how beautiful it can look, it's pretty cool.-Taylor Knox

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How to get vertical with Joel Parkinson

Want to learn how to surf better? Learn from the world's best through Surfline's Pro Tips, a complete how-to series created to improve your surfing skills. In this episode, we go over getting vertical with Joel Parkinson.Become a better surfer. Watch more episodes: to our channel: only way you can get vertical is a really hard bottom turn. Yeah, my name is Joel Parkinson we're going to be talking about how to get vertical. A good wave would be like a fast wave with a nice soft lip when it's just like cracking, you know. You want to be start looking at the lip pretty early. I mean the earlier you look at the lip, the more time you got. To get vertical, its all in the bottom turn. As soon as you really pick the line of the bottom turn, you just want to get low of the bottom, come as far out as you can on the flat and go straight up and hit the lip.When you get to the lip, so many different things can happen. You get a little funny drift you know, and then they'll grab. But you know some of the best moves these days are the ones where the fins don't grab until really late. You’re guaranteed some party of your board is going to come out the back of the wave. The lip really will let you decide that when you get to it.If you get the tail out and you kind of come back sideways, you’ll come out of the turn with a little bit of speed, enough to get something out of the next turn. You know sometimes if you board or your fins drift too far and you kinda end up laying back, or you can do something where you really lose all your speed.I remember when i was starting, sometimes I wouldn't get out enough out in front of the wave into the flat to get back up enough. You know I'm trying to cut it too short, you might only get your board to like ten o'clock or whatever. The more room you got, more time you got, the better you're gonna go. When you try to get vertical I mean, you definitely want to see how much the wave is kinda drained out. If its kind of like staying pretty flat you can kind of really go for but if it really steeps out you know your chances of falling catching an edge is pretty high.-Joel Parkinson

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Kelly Slater and Joel Parkinson surfing big waves in Praia do Norte Nazare

Kelly Slater, Joel Parkinson, Andrew Cotton, Garrett McNamara, Joao De Macedo, Sylvio Mancusi and Eric Rebiere surfing big waves in Praia do Norte Nazare during the month of October.

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