The #BMXDAY jam in Philadelphia was one for the books! With a massive turnout, riders sending sending it left and right, and Dan Lacey and Matt Miller leading the pack, it was a recipe for good times! Look for choice moves from Dan Conway, Mad Mike, Jeff Purdy, Justin Spriet, Tom Dugan, Van Homan, Casey Sterling and many more! It's a shame to see The Street Series go, but god damn was this a proper send off! Shouts to Monster for putting this event on!

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Stand Up Paddle

Whitewater SUP in Taipei Taiwan | Facing Waves

Harry Maskell and Greg Closier hit the waves in Taiwan, but it's the whitewater SUP that hits them back. Find all the best adventure content right here on our YouTube channel and across all of our social media platforms: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: For more information on how you can get Outside TV in your home be sure to visit our website: And download our free app: Outside TV Features - available everywhere!

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UNITED - Kids In America

UNITED - Kids In America / Subscribe to the DIG channel for more videos - Download the DIG BMX APP: DIG online store - If you're from Europe, your first trip to the states​ is like a right of passage. On of the most exciting experiences you will encounter, all exaggerated by the endless amount of movies and riding videos that we sit in front of at a young age. For United​'s Sebastian Anton and Tom Deville's first trip to the west coast it was much more than your average school trip - when you're team mates with Nathan Williams and he's filming his X Games Real BMX section you know it's going to be push you to get the best clips you can. Sebastian and Tom don't disappoint in this with an onslaught of new age manoeuvres. Visit our website for more BMX videos - ● Facebook - ● Instagram - ● Twitter -

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Surfing The Bombie

Surfer: Mitch Kenyon  Jet Ski Driver: Gareth Shrubb Filmed and Edited by Conor Hegyi



Açai. I was recently at a APB World Tour event in Brazil called the "Itacoatiara Pro" where i had all of the top bodyboarders competing right under my nose. I decided to take full advantage of this air show by whipping out the old cam cam and gathering as much footage as my memory card would allow! These guys put there bodies on the line at each leg of the APB World Tour just as much as the guys on the WSL for far less of the money and glamour but equally for the love of the ocean. Now that I am back home I've chopped and chewed up the footage and this is what I've managed to spit out. RIDERS: JARED HOUSTON, IAIN CAMPBELL(current world no. 1), TRISTAN ROBERTS, WILDER SCHULTS, LEWY FINNEGAN, TANNER MCDANIEL, JACOB ROMERO and DAVID HUBBARD. Filmed and Edited by: Me. Song: STRFKR-being no one, going nowhere.


Video Check Out: Vincent Milou | TransWorld SKATEboarding

Age: 20 Home: Tarnos, France Sponsors: Willy's Workshop, Globe, Wasted Paris, Buzzz Skateshop Am who should be pro: Jamie Foy, Axel Cruysbergh, Tristan Funkhouser. Best style: Ishod Wair, Michael Pulizzi, Miles Silvas. Recommended IG follow: @kookslams @skatermemes @speed_dealers. Most underrated skater: @nassimlachhab from Morocco. Best warm up spot: PQ Skatepark in San Diego and Capzoo/Labennezoo in France. Trick you gotta learn: Pop shove-it, nollie heel, nollie backside heel. Last concert you attended: Ben Harper. Who hooked you up: Willy Santos and Julien Bechet. This Frenchman is very focused, positively determined and has a big heart to go full steam on his wooden plank. In between skating around San Diego at the local parks and the raw dog streets, we had some fierce battles playing Table Tennis, Connect Four and Chinese Checkers. Witnessing him in person breaking in new shoes is really ridiculous, just like his skating. This guy has a bright future ahead.—Willy Santos Subscribe to TransWorld’s YouTube: Follow TWS for the latest: Daily videos, photos and more: Like TransWorld SKATEboarding on Facebook: Follow TransWorldSKATE on Instagram: Follow TransWorldSKATE Twitter:

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Cleptomanicx in Copenhagen

Little did we know, Copenhagen is one step closer to paradise. We just got back from CPH Pro’17, and for the most of us, it was actually the very first time. While we were on our way to the capital with the world famous mermaid and probably the biggest and coolest contest in the world, we got a call from Henning Tapper (Cleptomanicx TM) asking if we would be interested in releasing their latest tour article. The answer was clear, allthough we did not even saw the video or any of those photos. It’s a trust thing and if you know that Niklas Speer von Cappeln, Jan Hoffman, Tjark Thielker, Benjamin Vogel and Dennis Laass went on a trip to a huge skate park that looks like Copenhagen, you better put all your trust in it. Copenhagen does it the right way and so did the Cleptomanicx team with this film.

Deep diving

Encounter in the deep between Guillaume Néry & iBubble

As we were testing our Beluga prototype in southern France, we had the luck to meet up with our ambassador Guillaume Néry for a very special session with iBubble! This one-of-kind experience made us very proud of what we did so far, and even more motivated for what's to come. A big thank you to Guillaume Néry and his wife Julie Gautier. Be sure to check out One Day, One Picture on Facebook! Music : LEMMiNO - Moon

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