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5 Mind-Blowing Wingsuit Fly-Bys

5 Mind-Blowing Wingsuit Fly-Bys. For more extreme sport videos, subscribe here: "A Fly-By is a flight past a point, especially the close approach of a spacecraft to a planet for observation". In our case it refers to proximity flying, one of the most engaged discipline coming from BASE Jumping. Witness the most incredible wingsuit Fly-By ever done and check out the original videos and athletes in the description for more : 5 - Espen Fadness in the Tianmen Mountains (China) : 4 - Sebastian Alvarez in Reńaca (Chile) : 3 - Jarno Cordia & Sam Lamming for TotalOxygen : 2 - Jokke Sommer in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) : 1 - Fadness, Sommer & Woerth at l’Aiguille du Midi (France) : The Global Extreme Sports YouTube Network! Pushing the limits of extreme sports since 1994. Subscribe for your daily dose of action from the world of X-Treme! Awesome new videos every day! Website: Twitter: Facebook:

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Base jump

Urban wingsuit - Ludovic Woerth & Jokke Sommer - Rio de Janeiro - 2013

Ludovic and I doing a wingsuit flight into Rio de Janeiro. We did not have permission to fly into the city, but to respect the commercial air traffic we did the jump 05:45 in the morning. The first flights arrive at 06:05 !

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