2016 Highlights from this end of the year ... Testing both of my VENON SURFBOARDS Pro Models.. The EDV1 and the EDV 2, available in shops in 2017 !!!! EDV2, which is more like a performance board for real waves will be in shops for 2017 !!!! Images : Falling Angels Prod Yannick Loussouarn Remi Gendre Bertrand Pommier Katsuya Hata


Regular Fall with Vincent DUVIGNAC

2min34... One sand bank... 40 barrels. This is Vincent DUVIGNAC, scoring home like no one. The 29 YO former regular footer and local native is probably the most intense surfer to watch out there. The seasonal shift from Fall to Winter is around the corner and Vincent already packed his boardbag to get ready for his next adventure leaving his homebreak for searching for new places. Credits -Michael Darrigade -Alex Lesbats -Falling Angels Prod -Laurent Pujol -Lkrtel

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Une envie.. aller en Indo. C'était en mai dernier, les swells s'enchaînaient dans cette zone. Chez nous l'hiver jouait les prolongations… La décision est prise, "Amigo on se retrouve à Sumbawa, bon voyage, et j'espère t'y voir !!". Huit jours de trip, filmés par Alex Lesbats, avec du surf, de la moto, des mi et nasi-goreng ! Moins chanceux, Duvi, tombant sur sa dérive, n'aura surfé que 4 jours, mais Doudou a quand à lui tout fracassé, même ses boards, plusieurs fois, et même recollées deux fois, ça carve dur pour le chevelu ! Merci la Super-Glue! Edit: Falling Angels Prod

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Marc Lacomare is a professional surfer who lives in the south west of France, in an area called "Les Landes". It's known to host some of the best beach breaks in the world, and he's lucky to call it his backyard. This little shorty will show what he does on a daily basis. Supported by / / / Filmed & Edited by Alex Laurel Water Cinematography by Laurent Pujol Additional Footage by Ludo lasserre / Yannick Loussouarn / Michael Darrigade

3:14 8 43,159


Lost & Found // Tristan Guilbaud

Just a good old last minute trip on an unexpected island in Western Africa earlier this year. Five days of intense surfing with an amazing crew and some lifetime memories. Filming & Editing : Falling Angels Prod / Comptoir du Surf Instagram account : @tristanguilbaud Facebook page : Tristan GUILBAUD

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2 days in France I won't forget... Shot by: Boula Darrigade Greg Menager Ludovic Lasserre Alexandre Lesbats

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Maxime Huscenot presents his short Valentine's day clip. Filmed by MICHAEL DARRIGADE Edited by CHARLY CHAPELET Additionnel footage by YANNICK LOUSSOUARN & FALLING ANGELS PROD Original music from the movie "Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain". "J'y suis jamais allé" by YANN TIERSEN

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