Marc-Antoine BOUVANT


SURF | Pure Lines & Barrels with Gabriel Medina, Jeremy Flores, John John Florence

Pure Lines & Barrels at a Polynesian "secret spot", with some of the best riders Jeremy Flores, Michel Bourez, Gabriel Medina, John John Florence, Sancho, Alain Riou... Subscribe here for daily X-Treme Videos: PRODUCTION Xtreme Video FILMED Marc-Antoine Bouvant RIDERS Jérémy Florès John John Florence Gabriel Medina Benjamin Sanchis Michel Bourez Alain Riou Naum Ildefonse Jocelyn Poulou Arsène Harehoe MUSIC Break It All Down (Skinny Williams, Timothy Kvasnosky) VL-140 - UPPM THANKS TO Alain Riou & Family XTreme Video features awesome extreme sports all over the world! Subscribe To X-Treme Here: Website: Twitter: Facebook:

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