Blogger, Nomad, West-coast ambassador, dreaded shredder, spokesperson, Mega-pro skier. From his Face-to-Face tour to his travels around the world pro ski tour, Marcus Brown has been everywhere. In those travels he may have uncovered the reason we all love spending our days rippin' out on the water under the hot sun. As one of the innovators of the west coast slalom style, where counter rotation runs rampant, Marcus has been able to both win pro slalom tournaments, and live the life of the big lake skier where the feel is the reward. "There will always be the open water...always one more sheet of glass to plow somewhere in the world!"

Titles: 2007 US Open, 2005 Moomba Masters, 2002 University Worlds, 1996 Jr. Men's slalom champion

Silver Medals: 2008 Crichton Pro-Am, 2007 Crichton Pro-Am, 2007 Princes Pro-Am, 2007 Autobarn Moomba Masters, 2005 Diablo Shores Pro-Am, 2004 World Cup Dubna

Bronze Medals: 2008 Mastercraft Pro Tour, 2007 Mastercraft Pro Shootout, 2005 Mastercraft Pro Championships

Other Accomplishments: Event organizer for Last Man Standing pro slalom events at Boardstock 2006 & 2007, Face to Face tour: 3 years & 30,000+ miles logged on 1st ever slalom tour.

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