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"Bra Boys" is a film about the cultural evolution of the inner-Sydney beachside suburb of Maroubra and the social struggle of its youth -- the tattooed and much maligned surf community known as the Bra Boys. Central to the story is the true-life struggle of the Abberton brothers -- Sunny, Koby, Jai and Dakota ... one charged with murdering a Sydney standover man, another pursuing a professional surf career but charged as an accessory in his brother's legal fight, another trying to hold the family together and a young brother whose inheritance is his siblings' notoriety. The story is narrated by Academy Award-winning Australian actor Russell Crowe, and is told through the eyes of members of the Bra Boys


Slab Saturday - Big Wave Surfing

The much anticipated "swell of a decade" hit Western Australia's coast and it was one for the history books. Pro surfers Mark Mathews, Mick Corbett, Chris Ross and plenty more braved the conditions to conquer the giant slabs at WA's notorious big wave bombie, The Right. The crew at PanBot travelled down to capture a Virtual Reality experience but unfortunately due to the bone breaking swell, on the first wave the mount snapped and all 6 cameras were lost - Luckily the behind the scenes camera was able to capture the day's events and it made for a mind blowing video. Check out PanBot for more surf/snow/skate/dive virtual reality clips - Awesome music by: Artist - Skies Track - Call For My Heart Jet ski driver - Karl Carosella Filmed and Edited by Carsten Reimers (

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Quiksilver Ceremonial: Final Recap

Punta de Lobos roared for the grand finale of the Quiksilver Ceremonial. Looking to start his year as reigning World Champion strong, Makuakai Rothman (HAW) went up against Cristian Merello (CHL), Ramon Navarro (CHL), Nic Lamb (USA), Grant Baker (ZAF) and Mark Mathews (AUS) in epic conditions at the infamous lefthander off the coast of Chile.

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TOP 10 n°29 : Some guys risk their life in one of the most dangerous wave in the world !

Enjoy our TOP 10 n°29 : 1/ The Right - A Short Film of Wave Slab Fury from Oz - Taublied Films - Surf 2/ Wingsuit Precision Flight VIVA CHILE! - Sebastian ALVAREZ - Wingsuit 3/ Late Pressure Flip Lipslide by Jesus - Majer Crew - Skate 4/ Steel Lafferty's Best Moments from Wakecation - Red Bull - Wakeboard 5/ Atomic Airtime I BLANK CANVAS, Nordkette - Atomic - Ski 6/ William Spencer: Spider-Man's Skating Stunt Double - Red Bull - Skate 7/ North Shore Hawaii House 2015 - Body Glove - Surf 8/ 18 Year Old Female BMX Rider, Nikita Ducarroz - The Come Up BMX - BMX 9/ DC L’INVASION 2015 - DC Shoes - Snow 10/ GoPro: Space Net BASE Jump - GoPro - Base Jump  

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Mountain bike

TOP 10 n°25 : Rick Koekoek risks his life to find one of the best point of view in the world!

Enjoy our TOP 10 n°25 : 1/ TAKE CONTROL - Motivational video - Rick Koekoek - Trial Bicycle 2/ IS MARK MATHEWS UNREASONABLE ? - O'Neill - Surf 3/ Dylan Lewis // 2015 - James FOX - BMX 4/ WHISKEY IN PARADISE - The Arbor Collective - Skate 5/ BASE JUMP RACE - GoPro - Base Jump 6/ Charles Brunet ¤ PARKOUR ¤ True love - Charles BRUNET - Parkour 7/ Evgeny Kurnikov • DISTORTION LINE - Evgeny KURNIKOV - MTB 8/ Towel Goes Fast - The Arbor Collective - Longskate 9/ The Canal - Horue Movie - Wake / Skim 10/ RIKSGRÄNSEN - Ski session in Sweden - Armada Skis INC - Ski

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Watch Mark Mathews discusses of big wave surfing

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UNREASONABLE - O'neill team

O'Neill Team is Unreasonable since 1952, and that's why we like it!

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Today Is Perfect - Mark Mathews - Surf

Go to O’Neill Surfer Mark Mathews is known for charging some of the biggest and gnarliest waves around the world, but It wasn’t always this way. Watch how Mark had to first conquer his fear before he could conquer giants. To see more videos from Oneill, go on: ************ Best extreme sports Videos are now on : FOLLOW RIDERS MATCH : Facebook :‬ Twitter :!/ridersmatch‬ Google + :‬ CONTACT US :

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