Michael RIVERA


Migrate to Skate: Hawaii

The Western Washington University Longboarding Club has been migrating each winter to warmer weather for the last 3 years. Traditionally, they head to California, but this year they decided in favor of a tropical destination: Maui. Our hope is that our video inspires other university clubs to utilize their club resources in order to expand their clubs and the longboarding community simultaneously. Sponsors: Randal Truck Co. - randal.com Landyachtz Longboards - landyachtz.com Film/Edit - Michael Rivera Longboarders: Steven Suhama Rain Daley Ben Bartlett Connor Harkey John Slugg Kai Griffin Zach Newman Dakota Camp Thanks: Zach Newman for showing us around the island and letting us crash at your home as well as putting on an awesome race. Mischa Chandler for being a homie and giving Connor a place to crash when his passport was stolen in Vancouver during the first few hours of the trip.

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