Spearfishing Halibut in Norway

We all have that one place we always come back to when hunting for the species we like the most, this is a few of my favourite places carefully shown underwater, depths between 5 and 20 meters.. In my 20 years of hunting with a speargun, those places are without a doubt the foundation of my best memories. Hopefully there will be a lot more to come. Many spearos dream about shooting a huge bluefin tuna, my dreams are focused on the halibuts. This fish deserves the uttermost respect from any fisherman, their strengt are far beyond any other fishes in the north atlantic and the taste of the meat is simply fantastic, Hopefully both spearos and fishermen will have the pleasure of catching the atlantic halibut for many years to come. Remember that the minimum legal size in Norway is 80 cm, which will be an average of 7 kg.

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