Mike Gray - Ditch Days

SoCal has an abundance of drainage ditches that are all mostly bone-dry. Mike Gray, along with filmmaker Christian Rigal hit up 10 different ditches over a week-long period and wrapped up the project with an almighty three-tuck off an uprail. Mike rides a 20.25" Haro La Bastille Filmed and Edited By: Christian RigalTitles By: Kelly BoltonMusic: Asteroid #4- All Time GreenAlbum: The Windmill of the Autumn Sky

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On Vacation - Week 3 Snowboarding at Woodward Copper

Week 3 of Summer Camp was insane with Scotty Vine, Mike Gray, Brett Esser, Pat Milbery and many more. The week was spent shredding Central Park, hanging out with kids, and giving away tons of swag from 686, So Gnar, and Sandbox. 

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CENTRAL PARK - The Woodward team destroy the park

Watch the new snowboard edit from Woodward Camp,with Jared McDaniel, Dillon Wilson, Hayden Tyler, Will Mayo, Melissa Evans, Tylor Berreth, Mike Gray, and Austin Julik-Heine.

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2015 Haro Complete Bikes

Our 2015 range is out now and includes the Downtown, Boulevard, Midway, Plaza and SDv2 Enarson model.  Thanks to Ryan Nyquist, Mike Gray, Jason Watts, Tyler Fernengel and Dennis Enason for the guest appearances.  Video by Cristian Rigal. Visit for more info, including our dealer locator.

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BMX - Take The Risk Haro In Malaysia

Dennis Enarson, Tyler Fernengel, Mike Gray, and Matthias Dandois head to Malaysia to have the time of their lives off and on the bike for Haro Bikes.

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