Water jump

Follow Your Stoke. - Nainoa Langer Nainoa Langer

Being stoked is that feeling you get when you're having the most fun at any given moment. It's the passion that goes into doing what you love to do, not because you're forced to do it, but because you want to. I found myself being forced to work a job I had no passion for just to get by, so I took the leap to chase what I was truly passionate for; adventure, travel, and film. And crazily enough, good things happen that will support whatever it is you want in life when you chase your passion, not the money. I want to represent that, and hope to inspire you to live as big as you possibly can. Follow your stoke. Filmed and edited by Nainoa Langer Subscribe, and follow me on Social Media! Instagram: @nainoalanger A huge thank you to everyone who's made my life even more adventurous than I thought it could be, this video wouldn't be anything without you. Music by Fletcher- War Paint (Young Bombs Remix)

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