Kelly Slater Wave Pool Opens!

Epic Surf News 2016 - Kelly Slater Wave Pool Opens Kelly Slater provides a demonstration for the Professional surfers. So it is technically open to more than just Kelly. Hello and Thank you for joining Pro Surf Blog for this unique Epic Surf News Update. On December 18th, 2015 Kelly Slater published one of the most historic videos of his barreling wave pool. Now in May (May the 4th be with you) Kelly unleashed another series of videos. This time he has Carissa Moore, Kanao Igarashi, Nat Young, and Wingnut surfing in his wavepool! Watch Carissa Moore shrelp, Kanoa Igarashi do a floater-to-barrel maneuver, Nat Young get the longest barrel of his life, and Wingnut as the 1st longboarder to ride in this wave pool. This wave pool has everyone salivating. The Kelly Slater wave pool looks to be the best invention in surfing history. We will see. Hey Kelly, how bout a media trial day? Oh man that would be the shit! Watch Professional Surfers in Kelly’s Wave Pool! Carissa Moore Wave Pool Kanoa Igarashi Wave Pool Nat Young Wave Pool Wingnut Wave Pool Thanks for watching our May 2016 Surf News edition. Hope you have an Epic 2016. Music by: Silent Partner Song Title:Come On In (Remixed by Phil D.) Originally Recorded by Kelly Slater Wave Company Edited by Philip Dominguez Hosted by Philip Dominguez Produced by Trade Federation, Inc copyright all rights reserved 2015 Subscribe and stay up to date! Sources:

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Full Movie: Innersection - Kelly Slater, Matt Meola, Craig Anderson [HD]

The 25 two-minute surf movies that make up Taylor Steele’s INNERSECTION were each created by the surfers themselves. From stars like Kelly Slater and Joel Parkinson to performers like Josh Kerr and Craig Anderson to underdogs like Peter Devries and Matt Meola, these are the best freesurfers in the world, chosen from over 150 international submissions by an online audience. But these aren’t the videos that you saw online. Once the surfers qualified for the movie, that’s when Taylor Steele went to work: producing the sections with the surfer/filmmaker teams, then blending the parts together into a single, flowing surf movie that changes pace, location and style like an aquatic rollercoaster. The surfers come from all around the world: New Zealand, Hawaii, Brazil, Peru, Australia and the US. The footage is the best of the year. The twenty-five filmmakers each bring their own style to the edits. And the final experience is something completely unique.

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