Santa Cruz , US



21 years old

Nic Hdez, born and raised in northern California, resides at Pleasure Point located in Santa Cruz. He comes from a multi-cultural upbringing with Italian, Mexican and Japanese heritage. He started surfing at age 4 on the right hand point breaks of Santa Cruz. A couple of his local heroes, role models, and more importantly surf partners when he's around town include World Tour Competitor Nat Young, Ex World Tour Competitor Adam Replogle, and local ripper Noi Kaulukukui. "When I'm home I like to wake up early and go find waves either up the coast or down in the bay area, we have so many different types of waves up here. I'm lucky to have grown up in Santa Cruz," he says. His most recent accomplishments include being the 2014 Men's Under-18 USA Champion, 2012 NSSA National Air-Show Champ, and 2012 NSSA Western Regional Open Junior Champion.



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