Out Of The Kitchen

Out of the Kitchen – 10 Wake Parks in 10 days with the top female wakeboarders from around the world! Directored by Courtney Angus - @courtneyangus (rider) Filmed and edited by Ploy Productions - http://ployprod.com Sponsored by @sesitec @unit_parktech and @glidesoul Riders: Courtney Angus - @courtneyangus Angelika Schriber - @angelikaschriber Marilyn Pruitt - @marilynpruitt Maxine Sapulette - @maxinesapulette Madison White - @madisonwhitexx Maryh Rougier - @maryhjeanne Elke Venken - @elkievenkie Deanna Hatten - @deannahatten Elizaveta Pruzhanskaya - @lisabaloo Anna Zhakova - @annazhaki Monika Dudzinski - @momski_1 Anne Freyer - @annefreyer Parks: @wasserskipark_aschheim @turncable_wakepark @wakelake.eu @wildwakeski @wakeparkthulba @wakeboarding_langenfeld @wakebeach257 @the_bricks @terhillscable @lakesidezwolle Photographers: @lukassan and @erikschumacher.photography #OutoftheKitchenWAKE

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TOP 10 n°39: Amazing planes aerobatics at 300kph !

TOP 10 n°39 Enjoy our TOP 10 n°39: Amazing planes aerobatics at 300kph ! #1 – Two Planes Fly Through a Hangar – Red Bull Barnstorming (Aircraft) Riders: Paul Bonhomme and Steve Jones By Red Bull #2 – Real SandSki & Sandboarding 2015 (Ski-Snowboard) Riders: Seb Jam By Seb Jam #3 – Visualtraveling "The Edge of Arabia" Video (Skate) Riders: Gosha Konyshev, Mikael Mackrodt, Patrik Wallner By Thrasher Magazine #4 – Next Level FMX Riding in Greece - Red Bull X-Fighters Athens 2015 (FMX) By Red Bull #5 – PELERINAGE - FISE 2015 (Wakeboard) Riders: Dominik Hernler, Bob Soven, Antoine Allaux, Julian Cohen, Maryh Rougier, Godet Aurélie, Claire Leguay, Candice Boisson, Antoine Desperies, Yannis Duthier, Enzo Lacroix By Handle Wake Magazine #6 –ÉCLAT EN CHILE (BMX) Riders: Stevie Churchill, Bruno Hoffmann, Alex Kennedy and Sean Burns By DIG Magazine #7 – Tikanui Smith in his Polynesian's Garden (Surf) Riders: Tikanui Smith By Timothée Pruvost #8 – Approach & Attack: New Zealand (Snowboard) Riders: Anti Autti, and Will Jackways By Anti Autti #9 – 26TRIX Highlights 2015 (MTB) By Saalfelden Leogang #10 – Domke: "The Right" and The Eye of Cyclops - Exile Skimboards (Skimboard) Riders: Bradley Domke, and Bradley Norris By Exile Skimboards Best action sport videos now on ‪http://www.ridersmatch.com Subscribe to Riders Match ! YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ridersmatch Facebook : ‪https://www.facebook.com/riders.match‬ Twitter : ‪https://twitter.com/#!/ridersmatch‬ Google + : ‪https://plus.google.com/106087066887108100503

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The Good Way

Rider : Paul Bichet Sponsor : South Wake Park - All Is Possible - Slingshot - Mystic Park : South Wake Park Footage : Nicolas Ployon Add Footage : Jon Vital Edit : Nicolas Ployon Production : PLOY Production Music : Nirvana - Territorial Pissings Thank's To : Ilan Soussan - JB Dajobu - Charles Heitzler ployprod.com

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Rider : Wes Gumpel Sponsor : Söoruz Parks : South Wake Park - EXO83 Written by Wes Gumpel and Nicolas Ployon Filmed and edited by Nicolas Ployon Music : Foals - A Knife in the Ocean PLOY Production

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South Wake Park 2015

South Wake Park saison 2015 Riders : Marc NEGRE - Léo CHRISTELLE - Wesley GUMPEL - Géo MALSERVET - Sébastien CAFFARELLI - Alex LAJOIX Wakepark : South Wake Park 2200 Chemin des Wagonnets 83480 Puget-sur-Argens FRANCE +33 6 79 01 13 92 southwakepark.fr facebook.com/southwakepark Original Soundtrack : Chet Faker - Gold PLOY Production : facebook.com/PLOY-465170973503692/

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Ce sont les retrouvailles de nos beaux riders, enfin "beaux" je n'en sais rien, je ne suis pas PD, quoi que le bouclé m'excite un peu, enfin bref. Nos beaux riders Alex LAJOIX aka Batar (c'est le bouclé qui m'excite) et Matt MONTORO aka Matt MONTORO rident le "Ghetto module" à South Wake Park. A MERDE j'ai oublié de le faire en anglais... It's a reunions (title) of Alex LAJOIX aka Batar (bastard but with spelling mistakes) and Matt MONTORO aka Matt MONTORO (in english) ride the "Ghetto module", HOLY SHIT WE DON'T GIVE A SHIT...

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A la maison

Parce qu'un téléski est un peu comme notre deuxième maison. Et on se sent si bien à South Wake Park qu'Enzo a posé ses valises... Rider : Enzo Asseraf Jeune fille : Clémence De Serna Mère : Corinne Ramos Park : South Wake Park Scénario : Gabriel Thiboud - Nicolas Ployon Réalisation : Nicolas Ployon Caméra : Eric Goron Caméra embarquée : Salomé Le Ly - Alexandre Lajoix Post-production : Nicolas Ployon Post-production audio : Nicolas Seva Musique : The Trashmen - Surfin' Bird / Wall of Death - Marble Blues Production : PLOY Merci à : Laurent Clary - Nicolas Servette - Damien Gili - Gary Burgaud - Les feux de l'amour ployprod.com

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Ilan Soussan

Ilan Soussan - Saison 2015 Sponsors : Humanoid - Le Wakeboard A La Française - South Wake Park Wakepark : South Wake Park Musique : A$AP Rocky - Everyday (feat. Rod Stewart x Miguel x Mark Ronson) PLOY Production Follow Us : facebook.com/PLOY-465170973503692/

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