Ben Ferguson | mi casa su casa

Ben Ferguson had the opportunity to have his own superpipe at his home resort, Mt. Bachelor. So what better decision to make then inviting your friends to come rip it with you? Throughout the month of May, Ben was logging hours on this thing everyday with friends cycling through over time. Here's a little piece on what they were up too. More to come in the fall in our short film, "Hail Mary". Featuring: Ben Ferguson, Gabe Ferguson, Alex Lopez, Chase Josey, Nik Baden, and Jared Elston Photos: Anne Jackson

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"Off-season" doesn't mean much nowadays.. Check Kyle Mack, Torstein Horgmo and Nik Baden on full flex at Copper's Summer parks. film: Drew Hastings and Tom Hannam edit: Drew Hastings @mayhemonthegram @_kylemack @torsteinhorgmo @nikolasbaden @drewhastings @tomhannam Subscribe to Shred Bots: Follow Shred Bots On:

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adidas Snowboarding | Superstar Snow

Inspired by the 90s skateboarding staple and built for the snow, The Superstar boot has arrived. Last spring as the season was coming to a close, with video parts wrapped up and the gnarliest tricks in the bag; the adidas Snowboarding team brought it back to the basics and took some laps. Featuring Kazu Kokubo, Keegan Valaika, Jake Blauvelt, Louif Paradis along with special guests Nik Baden, Alex Sherman and Mark Gonzales.

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Mammoth Hot Laps 2015 Episode 4 | TransWorld SNOWboarding

The Unbound parks have been firing this season, and Mammoth Mountain continues their new web series ‘HOT LAPS’ right here featuring all the action that has been going down.

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