Top 10 Extreme Sports | BEST OF THE WEEK | 2017 n°7 - Riders Match

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What does Kerrzy do when the waves are flat? "...we took this boat out to a remote island to try find some waves and Kerrzy ended up frothing out on the boat wake.Froth before style he reckons (laughs). So we hit that for a bit it was pretty fun for a little novelty sesh" says Rusty filmer Shane Fletcher. unlocked….

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" TUFF " A collection of clips including a recent trip to New Zealand. A week dodging the WSL in West Oz with Josh Kerr. Wrapping on some sessions you didn't see in Cluster. Download for free. Clip by Kai. *Music* "Daughters Of The Kaos" by Luscious Jackson. " In spite of me" by Morphine. "And A Colored Sky Colored Grey" by Vincent Gallo. "Death Valley 69" by Sonic Youth with Lydia Lunch. Presented by Rusty & What Youth. Filmed by Shane Fletcher Kai Neville Blake Myers Jacob Wooden Rick Rifici Lachie McKinnon