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Gabriel Girardin - winter days - Surf in Hawaii

Gabe surfing Maui's north shore this past december. Filmed by Petole Films.

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F-ONE NEXT GENERATION Camp 2014 in Tarifa !

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F-ONE Next Generation - Tarifa 2016

For this 4th edition, the young riders of the F-ONE Next Generation Team went for a training camp in Tarifa! This Team has been created to help, form and train young riders from all over the world. Etienne LHOTE, their coach, is there to provide all his knowledge and share his huge experience of the competitions. But the video will speak more than words so let’s watch it! Riders: Mikaili SOL (11 years old - Brasil), Oscar PERRINEAU (12 years old - France), Osaia REDING (12 years old - Spain), Sebastian DUCOS (13 years old - Spain), Isak PETERSEN (13 years old - Danemark), Hugo METTON (13 years old - France), Kimo VERKERK (13 years old - Holland), Thomas LANTOIN (17 years old - France), Javier JIMENEZ (14 years old - Spain), Lazare GOURNAY(17 years old - France). Edit: petoleprod.com Thanks to the great Spanish team for the support! MUSICS: EVERYDAYZ & PHAZZ - Almeria itun.es/fr/XjeG6 BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB -Spread your love itun.es/fr/JvKnR Jr. THOMAS & THE VOLCANOS - More than memories itun.es/fr/IVrb9 St GERMAIN - Sure thing itun.es/fr/GfSWQ?i=717406848 TAME IMPALA - Feels like we only go backwards itun.es/fr/fgxYI?i=583627148 LONE - Airglow fires itun.es/fr/tpkTM?i=649372628 MORAITO CHICO - Bulerias itun.es/fr/iOVom PANAMA - Always itun.es/fr/5ZHZ8?i=1020141465

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Paradise is often pictured as a deserted tropical island, a private and mysterious place that exudes comfort and warmth. Every kitesurfer dreams of coconut trees, blue lagoons, sunshine and a warm breeze. Except, we've landed on a completely different island: Iceland. We thought there would be just as much to discover on this remote island as there is on the deserted and exotic beaches you see on postcards. We were looking for thrills and wanted to reconnect with the feelings of our beginnings, feel that pure pleasure again that only kitesurfing can bring. Travelling far to the North, getting out of our comfort zone, and exploring new lands with a truck full of equipment seemed like the perfect ingredients for an adventure. We found a very different paradise. ATHLETES: Pauline VALESA / David TONIJUAN / Mallory DE LA VILLEMARQUE / Camille DELANNOY / Etienne LHOTE. CINEMATOGRAPHY/EDIT: Olivier SAUTET from PETOLE PROD. PHOTOGRAPHY: Robin CHRISTOL MUSICS: REID WILLIS – FORZA HORIZON 2 THE BLACK KEYS – LITTLE BLACK SUBMARINES BLACK ANGELS – MISSION DISTRICT RADIOHEAD – YOU AND WHOSE ARMY M.I.L.K – IF WE WANT TO SOUND EFFECTS: FREESOUND.ORG

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Our planet is covered at 70% by water… For 2017 F-ONE brings everything you need to explore this awesome and endless playground... Equipped with gear that’s ever more refined, intuitive and accessible, discover the potential offered by our environment and enjoy the limitless possibilities available. Let’s get started ! MUSICS: PETIT BISCUIT - JUNGLE itunes.apple.com/fr/album/jungle/id1111535116?i=1111535565 GUSH -THE BARN itunes.apple.com/fr/album/the-barn/id1093083600?i=1093083682 BARNS COURTNEY - FIRE itunes.apple.com/fr/album/fire/id1048223528?i=1048223549 BIGA RANX - LIQUID SUNSHINE itunes.apple.com/fr/album/liquid-sunshine/id1137181881?i=1137182143 BOSCO ROGERS - THE MIDDLE itunes.apple.com/fr/album/the-middle/id932794861? ELI « paperboy » REED - MOVIN' itunes.apple.com/fr/album/movin/id1085151171?i=1085151465 ONE SELF - BLUE BIRD itunes.apple.com/fr/album/bluebird/id416300353?i=416300383 GENTLEMAN’S DUB CLUB - EARTHQUAKE itunes.apple.com/fr/album/earthquake/id1037355735?i=1037355749 SOUNDS EFFECT : freesound.org

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Wake Air Contest 2015

Voilà la vidéo qui résume les 3 jours de fou qu'on a passé avec vous ! Merci encore à tous et à très très vite pour une nouvelle édition du Wake Air Contest ! 

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Inslide : saison 2/ Episode 3

Les Inslides reviennent ! Pour patienter jusqu'au début du Wake Air Contest (28-30 août Port de Canet en Roussillon), on vous emmène dans les coulisses de l'event !Pour l'épisode 3 on vous emmène voir la préparation des riders catalans ! 

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Inslide : Saison 2 / Episode 2

Les Inslides reviennent ! Pour patienter jusqu'au début du Wake Air Contest (28-30 août Port de Canet en Roussillon), on vous emmène dans les coulisses de l'event !Pour le deuxième épisode, on vous présente les modules Wake qu'on construit de nos petites mains cette année !!

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