BMX - PASCAL LAFONTAINE 2015 VIDEO. Subscribe: Just a few days ago I got an email from Pascal Lafontaine including this unbelievable video and some unfortunate news: due to a rare bone cancer called Ewing's Sarcoma, this will most likely be his last BMX video. That news is incredibly sad to hear especially once you watch this video and see how unbelievably talented he is. Fortunately Pascal seems to have a great outlook despite his upcoming surgery and says that he is going to keep riding for fun and making videos of his friends although he doesn't seem confident that he'll ever be able to ride on this level again.  "This is simple, the video include the footage I have been filmed in the summer of 2014 for a DVD part with ''The Mindfield'' and it was supposed to be continued in 2015. Because of a cancer in my foot, I need to stop riding BMX. Most specifically, this is my last video. I really want to thanks and D-Structure shop for the help and all of my friends that I was riding with in the past years. Im gonna start to film more BMX stuff to stay in this sport that I like. " --- Subscribe to our channel for more BMX videos like this one! OUR WEBSITE UPDATED EVERY DAY WITH NEW BMX VIDEOS: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: BMX T SHIRTS. FREE STICKERS WITH EVERY ORDER:

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