Full Story: GKA Wave & Strapless Freestyle 2016 Men's Season

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Big Wave Kiteboarding at Jaws | In the Zone

If you already thought kiteboarding was an insane sport, wait until you see what Jesse Richman has been up to... Kiteboarding some of the biggest waves at Jaws!

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GKA Kite-Surf World Tour 2017 Action Promo

As we approach the start of the new GKA Kite-Surf World Tour season that kicks off in Tarifa at the end of June, let's get a quick recap on the championship's first season in 2016.  The tour is a mixed discipline series, combining pure wave events, like the ones in Mauritius and Dakhla last year, with strapless freestyle events in Fuerteventura and Tarifa.  2016 was the first year for this combination wave and strapless freestyle tour and it delivered outstanding performances and great advances, resulting in a new 'standard' of manoeuvres.  Keahi de Aboitiz was awarded the win at the final event, but Matchu Lopes eventually punched the sky in triumph and almost disbelief. Through consistency, he'd won by just 80 points over his good friend and closest rival, Airton Cozzolino, who had built an early lead by winning the first two events of the season.  The women competed in the wave events in Mauritius and Dakhla, where Brazilian Milla Ferreira showed her class, finishing second in Mauritius and claiming top step in Dakhla. Ninja Bichler once again displayed an incredible affinity with her home break at One Eye to win the Mauritius event.  The platform is now there for this impressive pack of riders to really explode in 2017. On the men's side, Airton, in particular, has shown us a level of strapless freestyle riding that often seems unfathomably powered without straps.  Matchu has shown an all-round consistency and the grace of a true champion and walked off with the title.  See you in Tarifa from the 27th June - 2nd July everyone! 

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The Evolution of Strapless Kitesurfing

The Evolution of Strapless Kitesurfing, in Jaime Herraiz´ words: "These guys have picked up what we had and created a full sport!" Follow the wave riding elite through time and learn about the personal strapless journeys of Airton, Matchu, Sebastian and Patri.

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Patri McLaughlin : Strapless Triple Frontroll

This is the first Strapless Triple Frontroll by Patri McLaughlin Insane !!!!!

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This is Kitesurfing 2

Patagonia ambassador Reo Stevens gives us another look at how kitesurfing is an extension of surfing and not a replacement. Check out Reo and his friends as they show you what’s possible with a surfboard on your feet and a kite in your hands at a variety of locations around the world. Pov footage: Reo Stevens, Ian Alldredge, Keahi de Aboitz Filmed by: Anders Krüger, Orion Owens, Tim Bonython, Chuck Harlan, Rick Dobrouski, Jake Miller, Patrick Rebstock, James Ropner, Tyler Emmett, Jason Wolcott, Tony Modugno, Giora Koren, Justin Edwards, Idan Slemtov, Nic Phillips, Scott Soens Kitesurfers: Reo Stevens, Keahi De Aboitiz, Patrick Rebstock, Patri McLaughlin, Jesse Richman, Matt Elsasser, James Ropner, Teddy Lyons Surfers: Dan Malloy, Dan Ross Music: Licensed through Fortress - Terry Devine-King / Adam Drake Swing - Samuel Telford / Joshua Telford / Jordan Smith Breaking Out - Luke Richards

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TOP 10 N°16 : Fastest guy of the planet ! Alex Caizergues awesome 2014 season !

Enjoy our TOP 10 N°16! 1/ AC21 Best Of 2014 - Alexandre Caizergues - Kitesurf 2/ Soul Media 2014 - Seb Jam - Ski / Snowboard / Kitesurf / Windsurf / Surf / MTB 3/ El Gringo in Brazil - Julien MAS - Windsurf 4/ DBK Boardin’ 2014 - Bataleon Snowboards - Snowboard 5/ Walls of liquid, a pure waveriding experience - North Kiteboarding - Kitesurf   6/ Inauguration Club Med Val Thorens - Sébastien Carbillet - Skydiving   7/ My Home’s view full movie - Arnaud Darrigade - Surf   8/ Go pro : Forest rollerblading - GoPro - Roller   9/ Kim Boberg from Oil and Water - Armada Skis INC - Ski   10/ Raw Run Zak on the 2015 anvil - Madrid Skateboards - Longstake

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Walls of Liquid - A pure waveriding experience

Walls of Liquid. A pure wave riding experience with the best kitesurfers of the world, Airton Cozzolino, Patri McLaughlin and Sebastian Ribeiro pushing the limits in Mauritius. Sometimes pushing even too far…

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