Skate Trip Down the Silk Road - The Silky Way - Part 1

Discovery has always been a key ingredient in adventure, and that goes hand in hand with skateboarding. Patrik Wallner had the idea to travel the ancient trading highway from the east, all the way to the west: The Silk Road. A band of unlikely characters joined from all over the world for the excursion. From Europe, Australia and America Daniel Pannemann, Taylor Nawrocki, Barney Page, Vladik Scholz, James Capps, Tim McMeel, Patrik Wallner, Tommy Zhao and Mike O’Meally. This is part 1 of their journey on The Silky Way.

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Visualtraveling "The Edge of Arabia" Video

This is more than a skate video. This is a risky rendezvous into an unexplored pocket of the skateboarding universe, The Arabian Peninsula. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

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