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Storm Freerun - Volume 1

Parkour (the art of motion) brought these guys together. This video (showreel) features one of the best London (UK) based professional free running (freerunning) team. All well established parkour practicionners, with various background (such as break dancing, martial arts, rock climbing, roller skating...) get hired for stunt double work. These free runners (freerunners) display their acrobatic skills. They will make you want to learn how to do parkour, flips, jumps, tricks. When they 're not jumping in the street they win competitions like world freerun championships or the redbull art of motion Athletes: Tim "Livewire" Shieff Paul "Blue" Joseph Ashley "Spyder" Holland Jan Barcikowski Franck "Cali" Nelle Filmed & Edited by Claudiu Voicu Music by: The Glitch Mob Twitter: Find us on Facebook:  Storm Freerunning Contact: Songs in order: Animus Vox - The 4th Movement - We Swarm - Beyond Monday  

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