Puerto Escondido may be considered a glorified closeout to some, but for those who return each season it is the scenes in this small edit that will continually entice & lure them back for more. The challenge of knowing when to return to see her ROAR in such splendor is the beauty that is bestowed in the magic of this enigmatic beach. Starring: Greg Long, Tom Lowe, Pedro Scooby, Red Dog, Ryan Seelbach, Nahuel Amalfitano, Angelo Lozano, Mikey O’Shauhnessy, Sebastian Gomez, Raul Suinaga & Owen Schultz. If you care to see more imagery of this remarkable beach and more head to my instagram page - @wavering_emoceans. Enjoy :)

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Glow in the dark surfing - Red Bull Surfing Lights

For more surfing visit The teamwork between top surfers and a creative experimental photographer during the shooting of unprecedented action photos. In Surfing Lights ASP's Adriano de Souza and the freesurfer Pedro Scooby join Marcelo Maragni in the search for the perfect shot in the desert nights of the United Arab Emirates.

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