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Fisherman Never Lie - Brett Levingston Indo

Brett Levingston is a guy form Australia. He is lifeguard and good spear fisherman, but also he's a good surfer and barrel hunter. Brett surfs for around 20 years and I love his style of surfing barrels. He been Indo for 3-4 weeks and we make some videos with him. Sponsored by The Mad Huyes, Otis eyewear, Farking surf, Clay. Shoot on Sony FS700 + Odyssey 7q(2k raw) Canon 200-400 with X 1.4 Canon 16-35 2.8 Dji Ronin Music Band Of Horses - Is There a Ghost (

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East Coast Ombak Besar

There was some big swell around East Coast of Bali the week before.Here is some footage from East part of Bali and huge waves there.  Featuring Adam Bennetts,Brett Levingston,Sheldon Simkus,Kael Walsh Shoot on  Sony FS700+Odyssey 7q ( 2k raw 100/200 fps) Canon 200-400 with built in extender Music by White Lies - E.S.T (

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Best of Surf Match #1 - Vote now !

This edit compiles some awesome footages from videos uploaded in the Surf Match. Votes start on november 1st, stay tuned ! Music by : Sugar - Faithful

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