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Water jump

Volcom Women's Surf Team, Maui

Footage of the Volcom women’s surf team in our Summer 15 swim collection; includding Coco Ho from the Northshore of Oahu, New York’s Quincy Davis, and Maud LeCar from France.

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Volcom Stone Presents Quincy Daviss True To This Montauk, NY Volcom women's surfer Quincy Davis has traveled the world chasing waves yet her favorite place to be is still her hometown of Montauk, NY. Being one of the only women representing surf on the east coast she's been featured in The New York Times, the Today Show and to have been photographed by the amazing Annie Leibovitz. "To walk down a street in Soho and see my billboard on a brickwall is amazing and all because I surf" - Quincy Davis Check out a glimpse of Montauk in Fall. Music: "Flash Photography" Calvin Valentine Courtesy of "Super 64" The Plain Ensemble Courtesy of marmoset

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