GKA Men's Strapless Freestyle Competition - Mauritius

The GKA Wave & Strapless Freestyle boys were back in action on Saturday, putting on a show for the crowds at Le Morne with a Big Air Strapless Freestyle comp. They know how to keep the tempo high.  Here's the action! Featured riders: Paulino Pereira, AIRton Cozzolino, Matchu Lopes, Jan Marcos Riveras, Ralph Boelen & Matt Elsasser

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Tenatic - Kitesurf in Barbados

Rider & Edit Ralph BOELEN Northkiteboarding International ION One Launch kiteboarding Technogym As it’s not really easy to get filmed on the Barbados's reef, just if you get a good swimmer for yourself out there. Too bad because you can find a sweet side shore wind with average of 25knots where you can mix freestyle strapless and wave riding which makes the spot as a really fun playground. Simply recorded with the legendary Go pro and a Dummy mountmouth©, here is what you can get. Hit the HD button and I hope you enjoy :) ! Peace Find my page:

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Bajan Riddim

had the chance to meet Objectif Megaloop during my trip in Barbados, and this is what they left behind, so glad :) !2 days of shooting at Surferspoint.

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