Pool gap Buddies

Rahinge has the best wakepark in Estonia, there is no doubt. The pool gap gives riders so many options and there are probably one million ways to ride that section. The locals constantly build new features and this is truly what keeps the sport alive and interesting. During the summer you can meet there a lot of guys who have come together to ride from different places of Estonia. One of them is Ranno Maasikmets, good friend of ours, with those awesome yellow boots. Another guy in this video, is our local 16 year old ( unreal kiddo and mentally insane) rider Simon Pettai. One day we decided to make a little video together, where guys killed that gap with their wild dance moves. They are definitely good at what they do. Take a look and enjoy the video! INFO : Riders: Simon Pettai and Ranno Maasikmets Location: MTÜ AK Rahine Wakepark - http://www.rahinge.ee/ Time: Summer 2014 Filmed and edited by : Liidia Maier Music: José González - Heartbeats Foster The People - Houdini SPONSORS: Surfhouse: shop.surfhouse.ee Lip Sports: lip-sports.com PiuPau Crew : piupau.com FOLLOW: Simon Pettai: instagram.com/simonpettai Ranno Maasikmets: instagram.com/rannomaasikmets Liidia Maier: instagram.com/liidiamaier

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