Ski Flying (Speed Flying) in Balme, Chamonix.

Ski Flying (Speed Flying) in Balme, Chamonix.Pilots: Adrien and Rémi Bourdelle, Sails: Bulle (red) and Skim (Orange) - 16m2Rushs made on the field of the Tour.Amazing day !!! :)Vol à ski (Speed Flying) à ChamonixPilotes : Adrien Bourdelle et Rémi Bourdelle, Voiles : Bulle (rouge) et Skim (Orange) - 16m2Rushs réalisés sur le domaine du Tour.Super journée !!! :)

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Parapente à l'Aiguille du Midi.

Paragliding Aiguille du Midi, pouring flight south by the White Valley, Route de l'Envers du Plan, overview of the Mer de Glace, and landing in Chamonix. Parapente à l'Aiguille du Midi, vol versant Sud par la Vallée Blanche, itinéraire de l'Envers du Plan, survol de la Mer de Glace, puis atterrissage à Chamonix.

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Niviuk Peak 3, Chamonix 2013

"Niviuk Peak 3, Chamonix in 2013." Paragliding video by Rémi Bourdelle. My first flights with the Peak 3 in the valley of Chamonix and Passy. Tours of the Chamonix valley between 1050 and 3000 m, Bossons glacier, Mer de Glace ... Walk in the Aravis, Le Lac Blanc, Inflating the Bouchet. Voici la trace GPS du vol dans les Aravis :

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Speed-Kiting et Soaring à Balme, Vallée de Chamonix.

Speed-Kiting et Soaring à Balme, Vallée de Chamonix. Chamonix valley where we live our passions, here we are Balme where we often practice the Speed-Kiting and Soaring (in addition to Speed Riding and Ski flying) .. Adrien, Remi, Marc and Hugues, the "Team Bourdelle."

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Speed flying Tour by very changeable conditions. Speed flying au Tour par conditions très changeantes

Speed flying Tour by very changeable conditions, Adrien and Rémi Bourdelle. Sky relatively clear, then covered with a fourth run in fog and snow! Little discussion on the weather conditions of the day, followed by a short "Bonus" with lighting dream! Chamonix, France.

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Parapente d'automne à Chamonix (Autumn paragliding in Chamonix)

Autumn paragliding in Chamonix. Drivers: Adrien, Remi and Mark, the "Team Bourdelle". Sector Brevent Chamonix France, Interview with spontaneous small.

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Best of hiver, Team Bourdelle. Speed Riding, Vol à ski; Parapente, Soaring, Speed Kiting.

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