[Top 10 N°49] First snowmobile backflip on a lake !

Enjoy our Top 10 N°49 guys !  1/ World record! First backflip on water ever. — by Northern Light Films (Snowmobile) 2/ Mario Kart Skate (60 fps!) — by Corridor Digital (Electric Longskate) 3/ #HAZMAT Surfing forecasts an ominous fate for future beach-goers — by Michael Dyrland (Surf) 4/ ECOXTREME: FLUX VEHO CHILE 2015 — by Ecoxtreme (Ski / Snowboard) 5/ THE WILD — by Aaron Lieber (Surf) 6/ AirWax FREEFLY - FREE ROUND BEST OF 2015 - FRENCH CHAMPIONSHIP — by AirWax (freefly) 7/ Insane handel pass with a foil by Damien LeRoy — by Damien LEROY (Kitefoil) 8/ Enduro Giant Des Portes du Mercantour by Cébé – Teaser — by Genepifilm (MTB) 9/ Something in the way.. — by Viki Gomez (BMX) 10/ Light Therapy — by Riley Blakeway (Surf)

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Light Therapy

'Light Therapy' - 2015 REDirect surf film festival selection Filmed on location in New Zealand and Australia, 'Light Therapy' was shot with the intention of utilising only available light within the hours of dawn and dusk, over a month spent with surfers Chippa Wilson, Dion Agius and Nate Tyler.  Director / Cinematographer / Editor: Riley Blakeway Featuring: Chippa Wilson, Dion Agius, Nate Tyler Original Music by: Sasami Ashworth Score Produced by: Avi Zahner Water Cinematography: Talon Clemow Second Camera: Aidan Stevens Supported by: Monster Energy / RED Camera Colored at The Mill Los Angeles Colorist: Nick Sanders Executive Producer, Color: Thatcher Peterson Color Producer: Antonio Hardy Production Coordinator, Color: Diane Valera With thanks to: Matt Newton at Precision Helicopters NZ - Steve Wi at Uber Content Tim English Rambo Estrada  DGZ Magazine "REDirect® has returned for its second year to highlight surfing's filmmaking community. Partnering for this year’s competition and short film festival with Surfer Magazine—REDirect has selected 11 individuals from across the globe to participate in not only a competition, but a celebration of the passion that goes in to both filmmaking and the sport of surfing."

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