Temecula, US



36 years old

Hi, my name is Robbie Maddison. My discipline is motocross freestyle. My friends call me Maddo. I was born on 14 July 1981 in Kiama, Australia. My special talent is surfing. My philosophy of life is stay true to your goals, face your fears, live your dreams and be yourself.


Robbie Maddison’s career is full of world records, triumphs over adversity, and huge, mind-boggling, never-been-done-before feats.

The Australian rider has broken distance records launching over a football field on live television on ESPN. He's jumped a 10-storey replica of the Arc de Triomphe in Las Vegas. He's soared over the San Diego bay alongside snowmobiler Levi LaVallee for yet another televised world record. He's jumped across an open Tower Bridge in London, incorporating a backflip for good measure, and he served as James Bond’s stunt double in the 2012 film Skyfall, where he jumped through a roof on his motorcycle into the Grand Bizarre, in Istanbul, Turkey.

Throughout it all, Robbie has somehow found time to earn medals at X Games and Red Bull X-Fighters. Then, in 2015, after several years of planning and preparation, he surfed his dirt bike on the legendary Tahitian wave, Teahupo’o. “My goals are to transform what is perceived to be the norm,” Robbie says. “I want to take things to new heights and push boundaries.”

That boundary-pushing achievement in French Polynesia saw him combine his two major passions – stunt riding and surfing – into his groundbreaking DC Pipe Dream. He'd already conquered riding on land and through the air, but this project involved manoeuvring his bike on the waves of the ocean. Yes, he actually managed to ride on water.


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